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Miller Pest & Termite is the only company in Iowa offering a 100% green bed bug treatment with a 1 year guarantee that works better than heat.

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At Miller Pest & Termite we pride ourselves on being the BEST. We are also one of the only companies in Iowa who offers a written ONE YEAR GUARANTEE! Our 100% non-toxic treatment (totally green) will kill bed bugs on contact and provide a full year of protection. This is better than a “heat treatment” because there is no need to follow up with toxic chemicals. With this treatment there is NO need to throw away any furnishings.

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The Killer Treatment

The latest and greatest bed bug treatment is 100% GREEN. Miller Pest uses a protein molecule taken from the soybean. It naturally dissolves the waxy layer of the bed bug. This treatment will protect your property for an entire year. Because our treatment uses no chemicals there is no need to leave your home when we rid your property of bed bugs. Most properties average around two hours for treatment.


Reports from home owners that used a heat treatment include: Insulated windows now have moisture in between glass panes, doors won't open or close, counters detaching from walls, cracks in the floor and/or are separating.

Because heat treatments are slow to heat the infested area, it can cause bed bugs to leave the open areas and drive them back behind walls, and between the ceiling or floors. Once temperatures are back to normal, the bed bugs can return to feed, and return back to these new hiding spots where it's more difficult to treat.

Because of this, bed bugs can easily travel to adjacnet apartments, town houses, and condos. ALL owners should know this information to best set polices for these infested areas. Knowing this in advance can stop other units from becoming victim to these pests.

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Owner, Jerry Miller being interviewed by WHO Radio's Jim Boyd on bed bugs.

Joel Miller chatting with Jim Boyd live at a bed bug job in Des Moines, Iowa.

WHO Radio's Jim Boyd talks with Jerry Miller about prevention & treatment of bed bugs.

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