Pest of the Month: Boxelder Bug

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Fall weather is here and boxelder bugs might be too. While it’s easy to love sweater weather and changing of the leaves, pests like boxelder bugs can be a nuisance.

10 Quick Facts About Boxelder Bugs

  • In the summertime, boxelder bugs feed and reproduce on trees and other plants.
  • Boxelder bugs are more likely to enter your home in the fall to find hiding places before winter.
  • They are not harmful to humans.
  • They will not reproduce in your home. They lay their eggs on boxelder trees and other plants in the summertime
  • Boxelder bugs hibernate in the winter time.
  • Boxelder bugs reproduce in the summer months.
  • You may find boxelder bugs in large groups on the sunny side of tree trunks, houses, garages, and windows.
  • Newly hatched boxelder bugs are called nymphs and they appear bright red.
  • Boxelder bugs go by many other names including, maple bugs, democrat bug, and populist bug.
  • The three life cycle stages of boxelder bugs are egg, nymph, and adult.

Identifying Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bug eggs are yellow and then begin to turn red as the embryo develops. Nymphs are a bright red color in the body and the legs and antennae are black. Adult boxelder bugs are known for their black or brown color and red markings on their back. They have a seemingly flattened back and are approximately 13 mm long.

The Boxelder Bug Diet

Boxelder bugs feed on boxelder, maple, ash and fruit trees during the warm summer months. Large numbers of adult boxelder bugs are found on female boxelder trees feeding on seed pods. Homeowners do not have to have a boxelder tree to notice a swarm of adult boxelder bugs in their home. Boxelder bugs are mobile insects who will fly tend to swarm near houses when weather starts to cool down.

Getting Rid of Boxelder Bugs Outside of Your Home

Boxelder bugs are usually found on garage doors or the side of the house, trying to find warmth from the sun in chilly fall weather. The DIY way to remove boxelder bugs from the exterior of your house is to use your hose in attempt to drown the insects. However, while it might remove them from your garage or house, it will only kill a few of them. The best way to get rid of boxelder bugs is call a professional to prep your house ahead of time before the boxelder bugs make their way to your home.

Boxelder Bugs Inside Your Home

If boxelder bugs are found in your home, the best option is to remove them with a vacuum or broom. If you discover these pests in your home during the autumn season, check near entrances of your home for any boxelder bugs congregating in sunny or warm areas of your home. Large amounts of boxelder bugs could require a professional to remove boxelder bugs.

Miller Pest Control – Boxelder Bug Removal in Des Moines

It’s not too late to start prevention of boxelder bugs for this year. Don’t hesitate to call Miller Pest Control to remove boxelder bugs this fall.