Pest Control Grimes

Pest Control Grimes, Iowa

When it comes to insect issues in your home or business, Miller the Killer has you covered! Our highly trained technicians will inspect and treat your property for pests like ants, roaches, fleas, mice, silverfish, earwigs, yellow jackets, moles, spiders, crickets, and many other. Under our program if you were to ever have any issues between services Miller Pest will return at no cost to you. Don’t you know Miller Pest offers the best pest control Grimes has to offer!?

Why Choose Miller Pest Control

What is the difference between some other pest control┬ácompanies and Miller Pest? Some companies rely on routine applications of pesticides through your home. Even if you don’t need any applied. For this method to be effective you must have a insect problem in your home in the first place. Our program focuses on doing preventative treatments around the exterior of your home to ensure pests are not entering into you home in the first place. This method of treatment makes much more since for you and is a better choice for the environment.


We will inspect your home and come up with a plan to keep pests out!


Our highly trained technicians will treat all the areas that are highly susceptible to insect issues. We use the greatest technology currently available to help stay ahead of your insect issues.


The Miller exterior program is the best in all of Iowa! It is a all inclusive pest program that includes more insects and rodents that any other company around. Click the pest link to see the full coverage of pests.

Will These Products Affect My Pests?

We are pet lovers as well! All of our treatments are not harmful to your pests as long as you follow our recommendations.

Are The Products We Use Environmentally Responsible?

Every product Miller will ever use have been approved by the United States EPA and have been tested to great lengths.

Do We Treat For Wasps, Flying Insects, And Bees?

Yes, we include all of theses insects for no extra charge in our all inclusive program!