What You Need to Know About Rodent Control

What You Need to Know About Rodent Control

No type of pest problem is welcome, but there are certain issues that are harder to get on top of than others. One of these is without a doubt a rodent infestation problem. Although a home or business is always at risk of developing a rodent problem, harsh weather conditions – such as tough Iowa winters — increase this risk considerably.

Mice, rats, and other vermin seek shelter when the going gets rough. The walls, attic, and basement of your warm, cozy property provide an ideal environment for rodent families to escape from the snow and sleet. Plus, a never-ending supply of food via your kitchen is always within easy reach. Whether you’re trying to keep your home hygienic and pleasant for your family or looking to run a business, rodents are always bad news.

Signs You May Need a Mouse Control Des Moines Solution

The tricky thing about a rodent infestation is that you can actually have one for quite some time before you’re truly aware of it. A handful of mice or rats may not cause much of a stir by themselves. However, an entire colony of them is another story. Often, property owners only discover they have a mouse control issue on their hands once things have gotten completely out of hand.

You can learn to catch potential issues that might eventually require mice extermination Des Moines services by learning to recognize the signs as early as possible. Mice and other rodents always leave behind evidence of their presence. Gnaw marks or other damage caused to stored items in your attic, closets, basement, or other out of the way places are often among the first signs of an issue. Some people may notice scurrying or gnawing noises coming from inside the walls.

Actual droppings are, of course, a clear sign that you’re dealing with rodents. Mice and rats are nibblers when it comes to their eating habits, so they tend to generate a lot of droppings scattered over the areas where they feed or spend time. Also, rodent urine and feces contains pheromones and other compounds that attract even more rodents. This can make it extra tough to get an issue with mice or rats under control once it starts.

Choosing the Right Mice Extermination Solution

Before calling in a professional mouse control Des Moines team to come investigate the problem, many Iowans prefer to see if they can take care of the issue on their own. Popular solutions include the laying of various types of mouse control traps. Many people will also buy rat poison or other types of bait in the hopes that the rodents will consume it and be eliminated as a result.

Prevention is also a key factor in successful rodent control. Food left out in the open can and will attract mice, rats, and other pests. This includes pet food, so see to it that animal kibble is stored in rodent-proof containers and that any served to your pets is left out only for a short amount of time. It’s also important make sure human food and garbage is completely sealed and protected from any possible rodents.

Often, people do find that getting on top of a rodent issue all by themselves isn’t an easy process. That’s why it’s important to call in the right Iowa mouse extermination professionals sooner rather than later once it becomes clear you’ve really got a situation on your hands.

The Importance of Hiring the Best Professionals

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional, don’t just open up your phone book and pick the first name you see in the pest control section. Choosing a mouse control Des Moines solution that isn’t backed by experience, know-how, and a solid reputation could simply draw out the problem instead of solving it. Make sure that you know what you’re getting for your hard earned dollar before you agree to hire someone. They should have a local reputation that speaks of a high success rate in Iowa mouse extermination. Prices should be reasonable and the company should be willing to stand behind their work with a guarantee. The company in question should also have satisfactory answers to your questions about their methods as well.

Miller Pest and Termite is one of the top Des Moines rodent control solutions in the business for a good reason. We not only have two decades of experience behind us when it comes to what we do, but we’re thorough to boot. We combine a variety of Iowa rodent control solutions including baiting and trapping. We also thoroughly inspect any possible points of harborage, as well as inspect your property perimeters thoroughly to identify and deal with possible entry points so that the problem doesn’t simply return later. Call us for your assessment today and put a stop to your rodent issues for good!