Why do mosquitos prefer some people to others?

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Why do mosquitos prefer certain people to others?

Did you know that mosquitos tend to bite some people ten to twenty percent more than others? Experts have concluded that almost 90% of the reason you get more bites is because of genetics! If you have the perfect combination of smell and genetics. Lactic acid is one of the biggest reasons that mosquitos may be attracted to you as well. This comes from your sweat glands. Mosquitos with malaria are most attracted to sweat that has been sitting on the skin for at least a period of a day or two. Mosquitos are also twice as likely to land on someone who has type O blood rather than type B. Type A is even much less likely to bit over all other types of blood types. The harder you breath (letting more carbon dioxide out) also increases your chances of getting bit.

What effect does drinking beer have on mosquitos you ask?

  • Beer drinkers are much more likely to get bit
  • It increases carbon dioxide production
  • People usually breath harder after drinking beer

So how do you keep mosquitos away?

Good old fashioned bug spray is a good place to start. Picking the right one is also a important decision. Your repellent should carry around 25% of the chemical deet. Using a company like Miller pest to take care of all your pest control Osceola Iowa services is a good idea as well. One a every three week rotation, Miller will send out a expert to complete your service for you. We will notify you of conditions that are conducive to mosquitos. Things like bird baths, kid pools, tires, and similar items may cause mosquito issues to your Osceola Iowa home.

Why is our treatment so effective?

We use backpack foggers for treating yards verses a backpack sprayer. Why is this important? It’s all about the droplet size. When you spray product out of a backpack sprayer you create large and heavy droplets. Using a backpack fogger allows us to apply product in hard to reach places and we are able to leave millions and millions of micro droplets in thick brushy areas compared to using a backpack style of treatment. Using the Miller system we are able to eliminate 90% of these pesky critters around your home!

What type of properties do you service?

Most of our customers are residential folks who want to enjoy their summer in their yard. Not healed hostage in their home. We also service many customers who are throwing outdoor weddings and receptions. How annoying would that be having your guests getting eaten alive on your wedding day! We do offer on time services but most go with a ongoing preventative plan. Keep these annoying pests away and give us a call today @ 515-518-8864.