Asian Beetles

While adored by many, some find the presence of Asian beetles to be a bit too much. Asian Lady Beetles, or ladybugs, are the most prevalent kind of beetles and are easily spotted in large groups in the summer.

Ladybugs are found throughout the U.S. and Canada, and they are ultimately a very beneficial insect for keeping crops healthy as a natural pest controller. They eat aphids and little bugs that destroy crops.

Their Habitat

These red polka-dot beetles can swarm outside homes, though, and get in the way, quickly souring their welcome. Not only do they fly in your way and land on you, but they also can form large clusters on the siding of houses or sheds, then invade your attic or garage when it gets cold.

They are drawn by brightly-colored buildings, especially those that receive an even amount of sunlight throughout the day. Your house or shed just might be too attractive for its own good.  Once ladybugs have found their place to call home, they’ll invite all their friends to stay, that’s when things get out of hand.

Prevention and Treatment

While not destructive as other beetles, Asian beetles can be such a nuisance where you really start stressing out over how overwhelming their presence is outside your home. There is no one cure-all method for eliminating them, but there are some basic steps you should take before reaching for pesticides in the pest control aisles.

Firstly, you should inspect your property for any possible entry points and sealing those up. It might be best to do this once you start to see your first ladybug and try to catch them coming out of their hibernation during the winter.  It’s possible that these cracks or holes could be as small as the head of a nail or screw, so be liberal with the caulking.

Call a Pest Control Expert

Don’t feel helpless if you’ve been battling these Asian beetle invaders for years and see them show up with the same numbers every time, despite having no clear signs of entry or anything that you can identify as an attractive food/water source. You haven’t failed until you’ve officially given up, so don’t.

A professional can give you more tools and difference approaches in handling these beetles. Using a multi-tiered approach seems to be the best way to combat against insects, regardless of specials.  If you can identify a nest in or around your home, you can choke the population.

A pest control expert knows which products to use to prevent them from regrouping on your property. This could be with natural insecticide to create a barrier each year, bug zapper lights to draw them away from the home, and more.

Pest control can seem expensive, at first, yet if you factor in how much home pest solutions cost you, it ends up saving you time and money from having to wage war on your property. Look at it as a monthly investment, rather than the bill you get for the one or two visits each year.