How to Control Fleas

When it comes to invaders in your home, fleas are some of the most persistent and difficult to eradicate. This is because fleas are parasites that live on your pets and despite taking many precautions it can still be quite difficult to rid them from your home.

There are ways to get rid of fleas starting with calling the pest control services that offer professional assistance. However, before you make that call it is important to understand what fleas are and the type of danger they represent to you and your household.

What are Fleas?

Fleas are small insects that live off the blood of mammals as well as birds. Fleas do not have wings, but their unique leg structure allows them to jump a considerable distance. Their mouths are adapted to biting through the skin and sucking the blood from their hosts. Fleas are essentially parasites that need mammals and birds to survive.

Dogs and cats are the most commonly associated animal with fleas, although they can be found on ferrets, parrots, and many other pets that are brought into the home. Fleas will bite humans, but they generally prefer mammals with fur because that offers concealment and warmth.

Fleas can be found in all parts of the world as they can survive the coldest winters and hottest summers usually inside homes and shelters where your pets live. While fleas do tend to be less common in the winter months, an infestation in your home can happen at any time. Fleas tend to be more common in communal places such as apartments where they can spread quickly from one residence to another.

Why Fleas are Pests in Your Home

It may seem at first that fleas should not be a concerning issue since they are parasites that live off the host and not the food that you have in your home. However, even common fleas can be dangerous to your pets as they may cause anemia in certain cases or pass along blood diseases or illness if they have bitten several pets.

While an individual flea bite tends to be small and mildly annoying, getting several flea bites at the same time can be quite irritating. There are several treatments for flea bites, although the most common ones use products that dry out the bite so that the irritation goes away. It is important not to scratch a flea bite as that will only make it worse and prone to infection. What is worse is that the fleas simply will not stop biting until you stop them by getting the fleas out of your home.

Fleas also multiply quickly which means that they will soon overwhelm your pets and find a new home on you and your family. Left unchecked, fleas represent a major nuisance that causes great irritation. So, it is in your best interest to eradicate the fleas in a safe, yet effective manner.

Controlling Fleas in Your Home

You can start by getting advice from your local, trusted pest control company that has the valuable information you need to tamp down on fleas. However, there are several simple methods that you can use to greatly reduce the flea population in your home.

Bathe your Pets: Simple baths that include flea treatment are an excellent method for ridding your dog or cat of fleas. While temporary in nature, the water combined with soap and flea treatment will drown most fleas immediately and make the rest leave your pet in a hurry. However, you will need to follow up with additional flea treatment so that they stay off of your pets.

Vacuuming: Fleas will often take temporary shelter in your carpet, so frequent vacuuming is a good way to get rid of them. You will want to concentrate on areas where your pets have been for maximum effectiveness.

All of these steps as effective as they are still will not guarantee that your home will be rid of fleas. For that, you will need to call a professional pest control company in order to remove the infestation.

Why Choose a Professional Pest Control Company?

There are several reasons why a professional pest control company will work to rid your home and property of fleas.

One-Time Treatment: Eradicating fleas from your home can be accomplished in a single day using a professional pest control company. They will treat the home and remove the infestation while you are away. In fact, you can take this time to visit the vet to have the fleas removed from your pets so that the home will not be re-infested afterwards.

Outdoor Removal: Not only will the company remove the fleas from your home, but your property as well. This is because fleas can live outdoors and simply be brought back in by your pets. The treatment will eradicate the fleas from the yard, porch, and other areas of the home so that your pets cannot bring them in again.

Safe, Effective Methods: About four hours after the treatment is complete, you can re-enter your residence which will be completely cleared and safe for your habitation. This means no more fleas and not having to worry about the products used by the pest control company.

When it comes to the best pest control company for your needs, they will have the knowledge, experience, and training to properly rid your home of the pest in a safe, efficient manner. You can trust the professionals to do the right job that will leave you with a home that is free of fleas. Call Miller Pest & Termite today @ 515-518-8864 and find out more about how to effectively rid your home of fleas while treating your pets so that everyone can live healthier and happier.