Why Do I Need to Have My Home Inspected for Pests Before You Give Me a Price?

Your home has a pest problem, but you are still on the fence on whether it is more affordable to try to treat the issue yourself or hire a pest control service. You have made the call, but the pest control company won’t give you a price before coming out to inspect your home. While still undecided, you don’t want to get their hopes up, take up their precious time, or subject yourself to a lengthy sales pitch, so why can’t they just give you a price? The truth is, pest control companies aren’t trying to take you for a ride, they simply need to assess the problem.

No pest problem or home is exactly alike, and that is where the problem of static pricing lies. Different degrees of pest infestation will take different amounts of materials and time to treat, making the pest control industry structure a dynamic pricing model.

When a pest control company comes out to inspect your home, they aren’t there to judge you choices in home decor; they are there to look at the current conditions of a pest infestation.

Pest Inspection includes:

  • Examining the Current Life Cycle of the Infestation

Are there a surly bunch of adult cockroaches scurrying under your refrigerator when you switch the lights on or is there a treasure trove of larvae laying in wait to cause a bigger infestation problem? Your Pest control company needs to know so they don’t have to come back and cost you more money.

  • Tracking Down the Source of the Infestation

Ants may have been attracted into your home by a few stray crumbs on the floor, but they had to come from somewhere originally. For all you know, there may be a mega-ant hill lurking among your bushes that will make an ant problem a long-lasting one if not dealt with.

  • Analyzing Home Conditions

Pest control needs to check everything from the attic to the basement in order to understand your home condition. There may be a number of hidden nooks that are perfect for pests or a damp basement that just invites a number of problem animals to come on in and make a home. By looking at the conditions in your home, pest control can prevent future invasions.

  • Learning About Your Environment

If you have a huge forest of box elder trees, you are going to box elder bug invasions each year. If that old screen door on your porch doesn’t close all the way, spiders and wasps will find their way in. By learning about your environment, it gives pest control just one more clue on how to best handle things.

By putting together all the clues in the mystery novel that is a pest invasion, a good pest control company will not only tell you how they will treat your problem and how much it will cost, but what you can do to prevent future infestations as well. The understanding and attention to detail that comes with a knowledgeable pest control company is what makes them so valued in the first place, making it well worth the cost compared to hit-or-miss home alternatives.

While large chain pest control companies will often charge for a home inspection, at Miller Pest Control, we break with the normal pest control companies and offer free pest inspections so that we can determine the best way to treat your pest problem inside and out, all without costing you a dime. For those in the Des Moines area that suffer from anything from mice to termites or any of the other creepy crawlies in between, contact us today to get your free, no strings attached, home inspection and unparalleled extermination service.