Why Year Round Pest Control in Polk City, Iowa is a Must

If you are waiting until you notice an infestation in your home before calling pest control, you are putting your home at risk for preventable damage, your family at risk for illness, and just throwing money right out the window. Any pest control company will state that protecting your home from bugs and rodents year-round is much cheaper than the time and money it takes to remove a full infestation. However, with the frigid winters in Iowa, is it really that important for those in the Des Moines area to have year round pest control?


During the spring, temperatures warm up and life begins to spring anew everywhere, even in your home. Insects may have been rarely spotted in the colder months, but now creatures like cockroaches and ants are literally crawling out from the woodwork inside your home. This is also the time where termites become the most noticeable, swarming out from their underground tunnels looking for fresh new foraging grounds, like your home. Typically, the birth of new pest life in spring becomes a busy time for pest control companies when it comes to homes without year round pest control.


As temperatures continue to rise into the onset of summer, the insects of spring have matured and are now building colonies, nests, and hives around a plentiful food source, like your home. Summer dawns the season of full-on infestations in Iowa and as populations grow; pest control has its work cut out for them. Pest treatments in summer can help control the annoying bugs of summer including ants, mosquitoes, earwigs, wasps, and spiders to keep the population in your yard and house down to a minimum.


As autumn comes on, everything wants into your home now. If pest populations weren’t successfully controlled in the summer months, homeowners will find their home, garage, shed, and crawl space crawling with any number of insects and rodents. Spiders, roaches, ladybugs, and field mice are all looking for a warm place to spend the winter and many don’t need to find an opening in your defenses, they can chew right through. Autumn also signals yet another swarm of termites, this time the subterranean species found in Iowa are looking for good places to burrow or nest to escape the cold. A good pest control company can not only take care of what comes in, but can point out any weak spots that need to be sealed in your foundation or entry points to prevent it.


Finally, it is winter. The pests in your home may seem non-existent, but without pest control throughout the year, they are there. Termites may have burrowed deeper in the ground to keep warm, or found a cozy wintering spot inside your pleasantly heated walls. Mice may only be heard occasionally scratching in the attic, but they could have a nice nest full of babies in the insulation. Homeowners typically wait to call pest control in the winter, but pests don’t wait, they just become bigger problems. Without pest control inspections in winter, homeowners will not truly know the extent of their pest problem until it has become an expensive and potentially damaging infestation in the spring.

For those in the Des Moines area that have been waging the constant battle against termites, rodents, cockroaches, or any irritating household pests, year round pest control may be a more affordable alternative. Just as the seasons come and go, so does the life cycle of common pests. It is a war that only a trained professional can win. Contact us today to get a free inspection and learn what Miller Pest & Termite Control can do to keep your pest problems to a minimum.