Fruit flies can go from egg to adult in as little as one week. They love over ripened fruits and veggies. They also love drains and garbage disposals that have remnants of food left in them. You can also find them around trash cans or any container that has had fruits and veggies go bad in them.

If it is time for a visit from your pest control company, you may want to let them take care of the fruit flies for you. What do you do if you’re in between pest control visits? You simply make a fruit fly trap and follow these helpful tips.

All you need for your trap is a jar, piece of paper or paper drinking cone, tape, scissors and a banana. Follow these steps to create your fruit fly trap:

  1. Take any pint size jar and add a piece of banana. You can bag the rest for when you change it out or just eat it.
  2. Make a paper cone with the paper, unless you have a prepared paper drinking cone. Snip a small hole in the bottom. The hole needs to be as small as the fruit fly in order to work. The last thing you want is escapees.
  3. Snip three or four slits about an inch long at the open end of the cone. This way you can fold the tabs over the rim of the jar mouth. Secure the tabs around the jar mouth with the tape.
  4. Go over the whole jar mouth and cone with the tape just to ensure no fly can escape. You can also use the screw on jar lid ring for canning to hold the cone down.
  5. Set the trap where the fruit flies are causing issues and watch the magic happen. Leave the jar alone overnight and see how many you have caught the next morning. If you have children that like Science or just like bugs, they may help you set the flies free in the backyard.
  6. Reuse the jar until all the flies are gone. Replace the banana piece after you release the flies in to your yard. You may have to replace the cone or re-tape the cone, but it will continue to work.

Using your homemade fruit fly trap will cut down on the use of spray that may not be approved by your pest control provider. It is not safe to spray chemicals that are not approved around food, children, pets or plants. Using the trap is a natural way to rid your home of fruit flies until your next pest control visit.

In addition to using the fruit fly trap you can take other extra steps to ensure you eliminate them from your home:

  1. Make sure all the trash is out every night and nothing is left to ferment in the trash cans.
  2. Clean your drains with bleach cleaner or bleach. Other cleaners like vinegar will draw them in. Fruit flies love vinegar.
  3. Use your veggie drawers in your refrigerator for all your produce instead of leaving it out on the counter or table.
  4. If your veggies or fruit is about to spoil, freeze them or use them in your next dish. Fruit flies love rotting produce and they will make it their breeding grounds.

It is easy to rid your home of this common pest. Eliminate them with these simple tips and homemade trap. Most importantly make sure you are on a month by month pest control schedule. If you do not have pest control please contact us!