Which is why homes that make tempting targets for termites should have a termite bait barrier erected all around the perimeter.

How Does A Bait Barrier Keep Your Home Safe?

A bait barrier, like the Sentricon system, is a simple, preventative measure that keeps termites out of your home, and which kills colonies who feed on it. An exterminator installs bait stations in the ground outside a home at regular intervals, forming a barrier of stations filled with Sentricon bait. Termite foragers, who leave the colony to find food, will encounter the bait stations long before they find the house. They take the bait back to the colony, and share it among all the other termites. The poison destroys the colony, and the barrier remains standing, waiting for the next batch of termites to come along looking for something to eat.

Regular Inspections Keep Your Home Safe

The process is fairly simple, but that doesn’t mean you can simply install your bait barrier and forget about it. Professional exterminators still need to inspect your barrier on a regular basis in order to be sure it’s still functioning properly, and to be certain that it has enough bait to get the job done when termites come crawling along your eastern front. A barrier that goes without inspection is one that will fail, sooner or later.

An Ounce of Prevention, Or a Pound of Cure?

A termite bait barrier is a method of control that needs to be installed before termites get into a home. Otherwise it’s like locking your doors after burglars are already inside. However, even if homeowners have an infestations, a bait barrier will be a necessary, final step to any treatment. Exterminators will get rid of the termites in the home, and then install a barrier to keep any future incursions from getting that far.

A bait barrier is less expensive, and less invasive, than waiting until termites are knocking on your door (or trying to eat it). There’s no drilling into a home’s walls or floors, no workmen putting down tarps and tool kits in the living room, and nothing has to be done on the homeowner’s part to move furniture or clean out crawlspaces. Exterminators will mark out locations on the lawn, and bury the bait stations so that they blend right in. There’s no muss, no fuss, and most importantly, there aren’t any termites.

If you still have questions about whether a bait barrier is the right approach for keeping termites out of your house, then simply contact us today to learn more!