What You Need to Know About Your Norwalk House Fly Infestation

norwalk iowa house fly

Imagine taking it easy in your house when a fly lands on your arm. You swat it away and even perhaps get out a fly swatter when you see another – then another. If you’re seeing a lot of houseflies around your Norwalk home, you may have an infestation.

House flies are annoying for sure, but did you also know that they are able to transfer more than 100 pathogens? Some of the diseases that are possible from the house fly are cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid, and dysentery.

The way that this happens is that the fly retrieves the pathogens on its mouth and legs. Since they feed on most anything, decaying material, trash, and even feces, the house fly is one disgusting insect.

Even if you keep your house fairly clean, houseflies can still find things to eat like trash that has not been taken out right away, human food, and even your pet’s food. You will see the houseflies hanging out on various objects in your home or even landing on your own body.

When the weather becomes warm, houseflies have the perfect conditions for them to multiply until the problem can seem uncontrollable. The average female house fly can lay up five or six batches of eggs. Each batch contains 75 to 100 eggs so even seeing just five or 10 house flies in your home has the potential for hundreds.

The good news is that the house fly’s life span is relatively short – just less than a month. The bad news is that if you have an infestation if won’t end in a month’s time. Remember those batches of eggs that were laid? Those are continually hatching and for every adult that has reached its lifespan, another 80 are hatching – and that is just one batch. Remember, the female can lay more than one batch and up to five or six.

One of the reasons the infestation can seem impossible to get rid of on your own is that the adults move fast and their pupae is difficult to find.

Once you have an infestation, it is imperative to get rid of them. Annoying is one thing but the fact that they can transmit diseases is even more important.

The first course of action is to eliminate ways for them to get in such as torn screens or a door that isn’t sealed properly. You will also want to be sure they do not have a food source so cleaning is integral as well. Even a clean home may have pet food that is available so having a house fly problem doesn’t mean your house isn’t clean.

The next thing to do is to contact Miller Pest & Termite to eliminate your Norwalk house fly (and any other insects) problem. We can also check the points of entry and give you advice on how to keep the problem from coming back.

Whether you live in Des Moines or elsewhere in central Iowa, you can trust Miller Pest & Termite to get rid of insects that are a nuisance in your home, and that includes the annoying and potentially dangerous house fly.

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