West Nile Virus Is Transmitted Via Mosquitoes

While there are other ways to contract the virus, mosquitoes are the most common cause. Plenty of ways exist to reduce your risk of infection, including using repellent and staying covered outside.

There Is No Treatment or Vaccine for West Nile Virus

No medications treat the virus, and no vaccination can prevent the transmission. While most experience no symptoms of the virus, those that do can face severe consequences, including encephalitis. This causes the brain to become inflame. Some people also experience meningitis, which leads to inflammation of the spine. Lighter symptoms include weakness that may last weeks or months after contracting the virus. Body aches, vomiting, and diarrhea are also common.

West Nile Is Relatively New in North America

While the virus was documented throughout other parts of the world, it did not come to North America until 1999.

Everybody Is at Risk

If you live in an area with affected mosquitoes, you are at risk. All of the lower 48 states have experienced infected mosquitoes, making it all the more important that you protect yourself. Your risk increases if you work or play outside.

West Nile Virus Has a “Season”

Typically, West Nile Virus infections occur commonly between June and September. Late summer and early fall lead to most cases, prompting many people to call the pest control expert in spring.

There Are Some Things You Can Do To Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Misting systems can emit insecticide, but there is controversy as to which chemicals work best to kill the pests. Some people hang traps and zappers to kill mosquitoes, but there is no guarantee that these devices will capture every bug. Finally, you can use a mosquito repellent that you apply to your own skin, but these lotions wear out and mosquitoes can get inside your house.

Here are a few more ideas for getting rid of those pesky mosquitoes hanging around your Ankeny home:

– Get rid of all forms of standing water outside your home. This includes everything from buckets of water to stagnant ponds. Get creative in looking for water sources, because you can bet that the mosquitoes will be.

– Poke holes in large containers that will release any water that gets trapped inside. This includes garbage containers.

– Check your roof and gutters for areas where water gets stopped up. Regular roof cleaning can prevent this from happening again.

Ankeny Mosquitoes Prevent You from Enjoying Your Yard

Even if your local mosquitoes are not infected with the virus, these pests prevent you from going outside. How many times have you gone inside during an enjoyable evening just so you don’t end up with puffy welts?

We Offer Ankeny Mosquito Termination

Do you want your yard back? Our pest control services keep mosquitoes (and West Nile Virus) out of your yard all summer. This is especially important if you have an event planned at your home or business this summer. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor wedding, barbecue, or birthday party. A one-time treatment with 24 hours of your big day can clear that up.

Regular Treatment Eliminates Mosquitoes on Your Property

Our pest control methods eliminate up to 90% of all mosquitoes in your Ankeny yard. We recommend mosquito treatment every three weeks beginning in May to keep your family West Nile free. We also focus on areas where mosquitoes are most likely to live, ensuring that those problem areas are taken care of. Our methods are even viable after rain and bad weather.

Are you still concerned about the threat of West Nile Virus on your property? With new issues surrounding the Zika virus, you have one more reason to consider treating your property. Contact us to learn more about your pest control options.