Termite Treatment or Elimination For Your Termite Problem In Des Moines Iowa?

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When it comes to termites, the question is whether you want to treat the problem or solve the problem permanently. Termite treatments involve “liquid barrier treatments”. These will kill individual termites; it will not eliminate the colony.

On the other hand, the Sentricon System destroys the colony.

There have been extensive field tests overseen by the EPA, the U.S Department of Agriculture, research conducted by 30 Universities, and over 70 published research articles proving that The Sentricon System consistently eliminates termite colonies.

Plus, elimination is promised by the manufacturer’s label. With liquid barrier solutions, you will not see the manufacturer claim that the root of the problem, the colony, is destroyed. Liquid treatments only “control” or “manage” the problem.

How does the Sentricon System work?

Bait stations are installed around the perimeter of the building. These stations contain a special bait, a “cellulous material”. Termites prefer this to plain wood. Each station has the potential to kill millions of termites. Each station remains active for at least one year. On the other hand liquid treatments are only temporary. Termites have to come in contact with the liquid for it to be effective. In some cases, contact with other termites that have touched the liquid may also prove fatal. Either way, only individual termites are affected. The greatest range of a liquid treatment may be about 6 – 15 feet from the initial contact. The shelf life of the liquid treatment may be less than a year.

As for the Des Moines Sentricon System, the colony will be eliminated within 90 days from when they start feeding on the bait. That is a bold statement, but true.  Any stragglers are eliminated within 90 days or less.

When it comes to liquid systems, it takes a minimum of 90 days to just begin to manage the problem. After that, the liquid will continue to need to be reapplied. With all that, according the label, the termite problem will only begin to be “managed”. When it comes to installation, the Sentricon System is less disruptive. All that is required is the placement of the bait traps approximately 8 – 10 feet apart. This includes placing them around the building perimeter, around storage shed perimeters, around decks, patios, wood piles and any other termite food source. The stations are tamper resistant, locked, numbered and graphed. This allows for regular inspection by your local Sentricon Authorized Professional.

On the other hand, liquid treatments are a lot more invasive in their application on you Des Moines home. Drilling must occur through concrete, rugs, tile or linoleum. This drilling can create possible damage to water or sewer or gas lines. Then, after treatment, the holes are patched with conspicuous and ugly patches.

The Best Des Moines Termite Treatment

When considering these facts, it is obvious that the Des Moines Iowa Sentricon solution is a much more aesthetically pleasing solution to use, as well as a more effective one. By keeping the Sentricon bait traps fresh and active around the house, this system provides a permanent solution. As mentioned before, it is only a matter of time before the liquid treatments will degrade and lose effectiveness.

The Sentricon System has a life-time warranty as long as it is annually renewed. Liquid treatments may be repeated after a year, and can be extended up to 4 or 9 years. However, they do not offer a life-time warranty. That alone should indicate that the confidence level in liquid treatments is not that great, even by the manufacturer itself.

It should be evident that the only real solution is the Sentricon System. It allows for a life-time warranty. It is a much simpler solution that does not destroy landscaping, flooring, and tiles because it does not require holes to be drilled. It is so effective that it eliminates the colony and problem, rather than simply managing it. If you want a truly effective solution and end to your termite infestation, contact us. We are an authorized Sentricon System Dealer.