Don’t be scared of spiders in Osceola!

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Pest Control Osceola Iowa

Jim Stafford sang about a girl not liking spiders and snakes, but the truth is it’s not only girls who don’t like spiders and snakes. Another truth is that spiders in particular are a good thing. Why? They stay out of sight for the most part and chow down on insects that infest homes. Don’t like house flies? Save the spider. Hate roaches? They’re dinner for the spider. Silverfish driving you mad? Spiders to the rescue! One of the things that give homeowners the shivers is the fact that Iowa spiders make their way to Osceola from far, far away. When people don’t understand how such things can happen, the shivers get worse. We’re here to help homeowners understand such a phenomenon as well as helping with any infestations.

I Was Shy and So for a While. . . .

Why people are so frightened of a shy little bug is beyond the imagination of most spiders. People are literally a million times bigger than they are. These little fellows are very shy. They don’t go out in public much, just enough to get a snack or their supper and that’s it. In fact, spiders who build webs have poor eyesight. They hang out, waiting for a snack to wander into their space. Hunting spiders live outside, hunting as their name suggests for their prey. They have excellent eyesight. They do not hang around in webs waiting for food to come along; they actively seek it. If they wander indoors by accident, it really is an accident. They will not live long nor reproduce inside. Osceola residents needn’t worry about being hunted.

Still Lookin’ for Something to Slip Down Her Dress. . . .

We would like to set Osceolan hearts and minds at ease when we say that spiders don’t bite. The truth of the matter is that other insects are the culprits. Doctors, however, have no education in insect or even spider habits, so they say the first thing that comes to mind. The media is no help, taking this completely untrue thing and broadcasting it far and wide. In the most frightening terms accompanied by pictures. We are here to tell all of Osceola to stop worrying about spider bites: not gonna happen.

Now, About that Moving In. . . . (not a lyric!)

We would be fascinated to learn about something as innocuous as a paper airplane flying 100 miles. We would be amused by a tiny mouse catching a ride with a big bird even for a mile. On the other hand, we’re absolutely horrified when we learn that a spider can “fly” 100 miles. It has been known for spiders to end up slap in the middle of the ocean as well as on some islands in the middle of those oceans.

Actually, it’s a fascinating thing to read about. The poor arachnid has no control over where it lands. It casts forth its silk, called a dragline. This dragline is used to move and catch prey. Scientists once thought the dragline was rigid, with the spider literally dangling from it as it moved. However, scientists have now found that the dragline, when caught in a good breeze, is formed into a sort of “balloon”. This balloon moves through the wind with no steering from the spider.

In calm breezes or light puffs of air, spiders can travel a few yards. This is often how they pounce on prey. Scientists have also determined that farmers could use this phenomenon to control insect infestations in crops instead of using chemical pesticides. It’s a matter of timing, the scientists insist.

Like I Want to be Loved by You. . . .

So there is no need for homeowners to move on if they see a spider in Osceola. There is no reason to swat the shy little guy. And if spiders swoop in from upstate, there is no reason to slap a For Sale sign in the yard. They won’t bite, and they might even put us out of business by eating up all the bugs. However, if homeowners have a problem with any kind of infestation, contact us and we’ll get right on it!