First of all, what is a ‘house spider’ anyway?

‘House spider’ is actually more of a generic catch-all for any type of spider that is typically found in buildings rather than being a proper term for a specific kind of arachnid. As a result, house spiders can come in all shapes and sizes. They can even be beneficial to a home in small quantities since they prey on small insects that may otherwise try to build nests and start colonies. Still, they’re probably not something you’d care to have skittering all over your house.

Here are seven ways you hopefully can avoid ending up with an infestation:

1) Keep the House Clean

This seems like an obvious suggestion but spiders often frequent places where they find food, so keeping places clean not only stops them from setting up webs in corners or building inside walls, but it also cuts their food supply down, making your home a less desirable place to settle in.

2) Remove Vegetation Near Your Home

Large plants and bushes near the sides of a house make it very easy for spiders to get in, either through cracks in the siding, through vents, or through any open doors or windows. They like to live in woodpiles, compost, under rocks, etc., and when the weather begins to cool down later in the year, they may simply wander inside.

3) Seal up Cracks in Exterior Walls

Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements are the most common places for spiders to appear once they’ve gotten inside. Start from the bottom up and fill, patch, or seal any breaks in the exterior walls so they don’t have an easy way to enter. This means fixing any broken window screens, covering vents with a fine mesh, and caulking any broken siding.

4) Don’t Leave Outdoor Lights on

Outdoor lights are a good safety measure, but motion-activated ones are often the better option, both for your bills and for keeping spiders away from your home. Outdoor lights do not attract spiders themselves, but they do draw in small insects that make up a spider’s diet, so more of them are likely to hang around if a light is left on all night.

Des Moines House spiders can be helpful little things when it comes to keeping other pests away, but too many of one or the other is definite cause for concern. Following these points will go a long way toward keeping your home spider-free but if you do find yourself dealing with any kind of infestation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.