Research Local Laws about Pest Infestations

According to the law, a landlord generally pays to exterminate pests if the residents were not the ones to introduce them to the property. Of course, the specifics of the laws will depend on your specific location. Additionally, it is often difficult to determine who introduced the pests, and it is in the best interests of the landlord to handle even bed bug infested furniture as quickly as possible.

Learn How to Identify Bed Bugs

A few bites are not necessarily an indication of bed bugs. The best way to ensure that bed bugs are present is to look for the most prominent signs. These include rust-colored stains on your sheets or mattress or small egg shells. Of course, live bugs are the best indication, but they can be difficult to find because they are so small.

Inspect Your Home Prior to Tenant’s Moving Out

You can ensure that your prior tenants are not leaving behind nasty surprises for your next residents by inspecting the home first. You will have to look carefully, as bed bugs are excellent at hiding. If your unit is furnished, check the seams of all cloth furniture, the joints of your drawers, and even electrical appliances.

Mention Bed Bugs in Your Lease

This is not to say that you need to tell renters that your building may have bed bugs if it does not; however, you still need to provide information about ways your tenant should be handling a potential bed bug problem. For instance, provide a time frame during which your tenant needs to contact you after seeing a bed bug. Without a mention in your contract, you may not have as much recourse as you think.

Avoid Blaming Tenants for Bed Bugs

When you place blame on tenants for bugs showing up in the home, they may be reluctant to report them (and future problems) to you. In many cases, it is simpler (and more affordable in the long run) to handle the problem with a professional company right away.

Always Hire a Professional Pest Management Company

Companies with documented experienced managing bed bugs will approach the situation comprehensively. The best plans have more than one step involved. For instance, spraying pesticides is not enough to manage a bed bug problem.

Talk to Tenants about Preventing Bed Bugs

Preventing bed bugs is simpler than you might think. Talk to your tenants about keeping living areas free of clutter and avoiding putting luggage on furniture while traveling. It is also wise to avoid bringing used furniture into the home.

Prepare your Tenants for your Des Moines Bed Bug Treatment

Involving your tenants in the process of removing bed bugs is essential. It is typically illegal to enter the unit without informing your tenants ahead of time, and this counts for pest control professionals that you hire. Maintaining good will between landlord and resident is essential.

Always Inspect Other Units

You may improve your odds of not facing another bed bug infestation if you treat all units near the one with a reported problem. Otherwise, you may end up with a re-infestation almost immediately.

Are you a landlord and still unsure of how to cope with a bed bug problem? Contact us to learn more about the ways you can best deal with pest infestations in your rental units and homes.