In the morning you are getting up to find itchy patches and red welts on your arms, face or rashes on your arms. You suspect bed bugs and are so angry you want to exterminate the bed bugs fast.

  • The first step is to make sure they really are bed bugs. There are other horrible creatures that come out at night to feed on your blood, or worse, to infect your body with larvae. Bird mites, for instance, are often the real culprits when people suspect bed bugs.
  • To establish that you have bed bugs, strip back the sheets and bed covers. If you have bed bugs you will see the dark marks of fecal matter and eggs that look like tiny grains of rice. You may see the dried discarded bed bug skins, or even some living bugs. Bed bugs make their homes in your bed and they are not good housekeepers. The tell-tales signs of bed bugs are most likely to be found in the folds and creases in the mattress or indentations around buttons, handles, and along the base board. Other creepies make their homes elsewhere and visit you at night.
  • If you find bedbugs, the killing process is a big undertaking. You will have to de-clutter and clean the whole room, not just the bed. The bed bugs will hide in any dark crack or crevice. You may find them in cracks or holes around the bed, in the floors, walls, in clocks, radios, picture frames, smoke alarms, the folds of curtains or nearby furniture. To kill bedbugs you have to be very methodical and thorough.
  • You may have to act like a public health doctor conquering an epidemic. You have to get rid of clutter. Anything that has holes, openings or crevices that you can replace has to be firmly sealed in bags. Things that can be laundered have to be washed at a high temperature and placed in a tumble clothes dry at as high a temperature as possible for at least 10 minutes. You can use a powerful steam cleaner to kill bed bugs in curtains or rugs that can’t be laundered.
  • After this thorough cleaning process, follow-up with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the entire room including the bed, any soft furnishings. Remember to check drawers and closets. You have to be methodical, covering every inch of the room. Empty the vacuum bag into a plastic bag then seal it tight and dispose of the dust from the vacuum outdoors immediately.
  • Those little bugs can survive almost anything and will quickly re-infest your home at any opportunity. They also reproduce very quickly. If they can digest your blood, they will be up to full strength in no-time.
  • The one thing they can’t stand is heat. Steam is an excellent way to destroy bed bugs. Steam kills them at all stages of development from egg to adult. Bed bug sprays often fail to destroy eggs.
  • To prevent re-infestation, seal any cracks and crevices around floors or walls.
  • You can follow-up your steam cleaning and vacuuming with bed bug sprays that may catch any bugs that may have escaped everything else. Bed bug sprays are often very toxic to humans and animals. Be careful what you purchase and use and apply it carefully. There are chemicals like dusts that permeate the waxy skins of bed bugs and kill them by dehydration. Bed bug traps sometimes work. Attach the traps to the bed posts and furniture near the bed. The bed bugs are attracted by the carbon dioxide you exhale when you sleep. The traps draw the bedbugs inside and they can’t escape.
  • Killing a large-scale infestation of bed bugs, such as an infestation over several rooms is a really big and frustrating investment in time and energy which may not result in full success. Sometimes a call to a professional exterminator is worth the cost.

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