If you’re a Des Moines homeowner, you never want to hear the bad news that your house has been infested with termites. Unfortunately, termites invade about 5 million American homes, or even more, each year. Because most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover termite damage as this is considered a maintenance issue, it’s your responsibility to protect your property from termites.

More and more homeowners and business owners are finding effective protection from the Sentricon termite baiting system, which has been providing termite protection since 1994. Here are a few of the many benefits of using Sentricon termite baiting, along with some considerations and warnings.

Elimination of an Entire Termite Colony

While liquid barrier treatments are formulated for killing only individual termite workers, the Sentricon termite baiting system wipes out entire termite colonies. Don’t be misled by a product stating that it offers “termite management” or “termite control” because this means it only reduces a termite population, instead of totally eliminating it.

This type of baiting system uses noviflumuron, an insect growth regulator, as its active ingredient. In order for termites to grow, they must go through the molting process, which is stopped by novifllumuron. With the worker termites dying off, the entire colony starts to dwindle, until the remaining termites aren’t able to survive on their own because termites are exceptionally social creatures, depending on one another to live.


You can’t find a more non-intrusive way to get rid of termites than the Sentricon system. Unlike using liquid treatments, there’s no drilling in foundations or floors, so it doesn’t disrupt your landscaping or home.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

The Sentricon system is also gentler on the environment because you don’t need to have your ground saturated with a chemical solution. Instead, the system tactically uses the termite bait in such a way that entire colonies are eradicated. In fact, it’s the only termite protection product that’s been awarded with the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

Ongoing Protection

It works similarly to a security system as it provides continual defense against termites. Once termite colonies have been eliminated, the system continues to guard homes and buildings by monitoring for future attacks.

Safe for Kids and Pets

You don’t to worry about children and pets being exposed to harmful chemicals. The baiting stations, which are placed about every eight to ten feet apart in the soil, around the perimeter of your house, can only be opened with a special key. Therefore, kids can’t tamper with them as they’re locked.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Termites are sometimes mistaken as ants. Even though termites and ants both contain four wings, ants have larger front wings than their back wings, while termite wings are the same size. Also, ant antennae are elbowed, but termite antennae are straighter.
  • Several noteworthy structures, including the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, the White House, Ellis House and other sites are protected from termites by using the Sentricon termite baiting system.
  • The system works on all types of infestation levels and termites species, which includes even the Formosan termite.
  • Termite protection starts working as soon as termites begin consuming the bait. The rate at which termites discover an in-ground station can depend on the amount of termite pressure where you live.
  • The amount of wood consumption from termites can be reduced by 50 percent in only two to three weeks.
  • Of course, the size of a colony is a critical factor, but most colonies are entirely abolished within 90 days.
  • Although Sentricon is usually only installed outdoors, around the perimeter of a property, it can also be set up indoors if termite feeding has been detected.
  • Because termites can attack during any time, you need to get your property inspected and treated as soon as possible.
  • The Sentricon system can only be installed by a certified Sentricon specialist because this job entails having specialized materials and training. 

Do you need your property inspected and treated for termites, besides any other type of insect or pest problem? We offer the Sentricon system. For all your insect and pest control needs, turn to Miller Pest and Termite. Our highly trained and experienced specialists have been providing the Des Moines area with quality pest control services since 2001. Please contact Miller Pest & Termite (Miller the Killer) and find out more about our wide range of residential, industrial and commercial insect and pest control services.