Nothing can shut a business down faster than a pest problem. Whether you’re running a school, restaurant, office, hotel or other commercial facility, when you have a rodent, termite, ant or other pest problem, you’ll want fast pest control that’s done right so you can resume your business operations fast.

Here’s what you need to know about commercial and industrial pest control:

1. You can get a free inspection

Never trust a company that won’t come out and inspect your commercial or industrial facility for free. This is especially helpful when you have a large facility and therefore haven’t necessarily found all the spots where your pests are hiding. Your free inspection might even find new pests that you didn’t know existed. Getting a free inspection is easy, and it’s something that should be done somewhat routinely to catch pest problems early and ensure your employees have a safe, clean working environment in compliance with OSHA and other standards.

2. Your facility might be a breeding ground for pests

Some facilities have the perfect environment to breed pests, which is something you might not know until you have your facility inspected. Your inspection may find that there aren’t any pests currently inhabiting your space, but the environment is such that it’s likely they’ll wind up there soon.

Depending on what the environment is and which pests are most likely to thrive there, you can take a course of action to minimize the chances of inviting unwelcome pests. For instance, fruit flies are a common pest found in restaurants, cafes and other places that serve food. Some simple measures can be taken to minimize them, including changing the way you store foods, disposing of certain foods at the end of the day, being more diligent in cleaning up spills and clearing drains more frequently.

3. Act fast to get back to business

Routine inspections and taking proactive steps are important ways to prevent future pest problems. But if you’re dealing with a pest problem right now, it’s time to schedule an emergency visit from your friendly local pest control company. Emergency visits can be scheduled on the same day you call, so you can get back to business faster.

Getting rid of pests in certain facilities can be tricky, and you may need to shut down part or all of your operations. While this part might require some planning on your end, it’s more important to act quickly, before the pests breed and your problem multiplies. Take the steps you need to shut down operations and get your pest control company in as soon as possible to make it more likely that the problem will have as minimal impact on your business as possible.

4. Discretion is key

Hotels and restaurants especially will want to keep their pest control problem under wraps to avoid bad publicity. So while you want to act fast, you also want to act discretely. Many pest control companies are flexible when it comes to scheduling, so you can have your place inspected before you open or during slow hours. Keep in mind that getting rid of the problem to keep your clientele safe and healthy is more important than keeping it a secret, so putting off an inspection until your business is totally clear isn’t necessarily advised, particularly if doing so will put your employees and/or customers at risk.

5. Pest problems happen to the best of us

Having a pest problem doesn’t necessarily mean your facility is dirty or that you are doing anything wrong. It means that your facility has a source that’s attracting pests, which in many cases can be discovered and fixed.

Work with your pest control company to develop a plan to eliminate any current pests and to prevent them from coming back. If you’re a commercial or industrial facility in the Des Moines area and you would like a free pest inspection, contact Miller the Killer today to find out how we can help you.