More often than not, pest extermination is something that many homeowners think they should do themselves. Yet when it comes to going beyond ridding their yard of something that attracts the bugs or just plain giving them the old squash, most do-it-yourself efforts end in two ways – store-bought bug bombs or big corporate exterminators.

Unfortunately, both will likely have the same effect. Bug bombs use chemicals in mass in order to kill a sweeping number of bugs or one intended species. As such, they run the gamut of pretty effective to not effective at all while covering all your belongings in pest control chemicals. Corporate extermination companies are a little more effective, precise, and professional about it. Unfortunately, corporate companies also employ sweeping solutions that are catered to wipe out specific species of insects, but those solutions don’t always work in every town, especially when it comes to unique sub-species of insects.

So what can you do about it? The best option is to go for a local pest control company. Like when you shop for produce at a grocery store, there are a lot of benefits for choosing local over corporate. Of course, unlike produce, an exterminator’s chemicals aren’t healthier, but they can provide you better service.

Local Pest Control Caters to Local Needs

While corporate pest control services often hire locally, they don’t let exterminators treat problems with local knowledge. They have specific poisons they are meant to use and specific orders and protocol they are meant to follow. Local exterminators don’t need to call back to a home office to treat a complex problem. At worst, they need to give their boss a call across town for a little advice or back up.

As local pest control companies hire local and only need to think about local problems, they know how to treat the yearly swarm of box elder bugs that settles over the town each year or how to unclog your light fixtures from the horrid swarm of lady bugs. Having lived in your city, they know about the pests that the city has to deal with and can employ the most effective measures in dealing with them.

A Priority is Placed on Service

Corporate pest control companies kind of care about the quality of service, but really that care probably ends with the service technicians. As you go higher up the chain in those companies, you find people who only care about regions rather than towns or individuals. If you have a bad experience, it doesn’t mean much to them, hundreds and thousands of customers will still come back.

Alternatively, local pest control companies can’t afford to take such measures. One lost customers could mean a dozen lost potential customers if they tell their friends about poor service. This is why local extermination companies often go the extra effort to make sure that their customers are always left happy.

High Levels of Experience

Corporate pest control companies train their exterminators, but they all undergo the same training program. Rookies are put out into the field with just a little book learning under their belt and slowly learn how to put it to work in the field. Some local pest control companies can be the same, after all, you do need some certification to use powerful poisons, but most technicians learn by doing under the tutelage of their skilled superiors.

Not quite sold on the merits of a local pest control company over the big corporate ones? Well, why don’t you give one a try? If you happen to live in the Des Moines area and have a major pest problem in need of control, Miller Pest Control is the beloved local option that can provide great service in the form of a pest-free home.