Pest control – it is only for the spring and summer, right? Well yes, it is quite popular during the warmer months when pest are very active outside, but it is perhaps most important when it gets colder out. You see, while many pests only have a short life cycle in which they are active in the warm months, many pests don’t actually die come wintertime, they just move somewhere warmer. This could be burrowing underground or it could mean moving right on into your house. That is why fall is the season to give your local pest control company a call.

How Pest Control Makes a Difference in the Winter

Your house seems pretty solid. There are no giant holes in the exterior walls or anything, but real pests will find a way in one way or another. What a pest control expert’s visit in a fall can do for your winter is to make sure it is pest-free. Typically when pest control is called, they can not only treat for spiders and other insects that are looking to move in away from the cold outside your home, but they can help identify where other pests like mice might be able to access your home.

When looking for weak spots that pests can use to access you home, a pest control expert will check for:

  • Holes in your window or patio screens
  • Screen vents and gaps in your chimney
  • Damaged exterior door sweeps
  • Cracks or holes on the exterior area of your home – Areas where pipes enter your home are often particularly guilty of this.
  • Rot caused by dampness – Rotten wood is so easy for a pest to chew through.
  • Loose mortar and weather stripping

While you can go check for all this damage yourself, sometimes we can all be a little lax with our own home maintenance. In order to move onto something infinitely more fun, we might negotiate with ourselves and decide that small gap in the door sweep is far too small to let anything in. Yet, the truth is, each night our houses are under siege by pests and any small gap, no matter how small, is big enough for them to squeeze through.

When you have a pest control expert come by to examine your house, they can concretely tell you that, yes, that gap will let pests in. This means you can’t negotiate with yourself. Someone knowledgeable and who has made pest control a career told you it lets pests in, so it will happen. This is usually all the motivation we need to fix the issue.

However, a pest control expert doesn’t just provide evaluation of your house’s integrity towards the cold weather pest invasion and the motivation we need to fix the issues. A fall spray down of your yard and foundation is a benefit you can reap for the rest of the year. If you have always had a bit of a spider problem, getting your exterior treatment program started in the fall can help drive them away from your house. This means they will likely succumb to the treatment or they will move on somewhere else. This makes your house less of a target when spring rolls around and the world comes alive again.

If you live in the Des Moines area and have seen an influx of new pests in or around your home, contact us today. Miller Pest Control is dedicated to serving the Des Moines area and helping to keep every home pest-free. Let us come check out your home and see what we can do to make keep your winters cozy and pest-free.