Des Moines Bed Bugs: Myth Versus Fact

Aside from termites, if there is one major pest infestation fear for homeowners in Des Moines, it is bed bugs. Like termites, bed bugs are destructive and very difficult to get rid of. However, while they may be a major fear, there is a lot of different information that is circulated about bed bugs. This can make it difficult to separate the facts on this pervasive pest from all the myths.

Common Myths About Bed Bugs, Busted!

Bed Bugs Live in Dirty Homes

If you have bed bugs, it must mean your home is an absolute pigsty, right? Wrong. Your house could be pristine and bed bugs could still make themselves at home. In truth, bed bugs enjoy to live in cluttered spaces the most, but dirty surroundings are not what draws them. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide (C02) and blood, so if your home is clean, but still has humans or animals living in it, the bed bugs will come.

You Can’t See Bed Bugs

It is widely believed that you can’t really see bed bugs, but this isn’t true. Everything from adults to their eggs can be visible to the human eye. You might have to look carefully, but you can see them. This is particularly true when you move an object like a mattress and see them all scurry away.

Bed Bugs Only Live in Mattresses

I mean, they are called “bed” bugs, right? So they must only like your mattress. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Bed bugs frequently live in all furniture such as couches and chairs. Furthermore, they can get around by clinging to pets, slipping into luggage or purses, or even clinging to clothes. So while it may not be a good idea to bring home a used mattress or furniture, you can get bed bugs in many different ways.

Bed Bugs Spread Diseases

As strange as it is, getting diseases from bed bugs is actually not the major worry. Bed bugs actually aren’t known to spread any diseases. In fact, they really wouldn’t be a big worry for homeowners except for the fact that they bite humans, and those bites are really itchy or can cause rashes. The fact that those bites and itchiness can disrupt your life and your sleep is the reason that you don’t want bed bugs, not for any disease-related worries.

Bed Bugs Only Come Out At Night

The truly creepy thing about bed bugs is that they do come out at night and they feed on you.  The unfortunate reality, though, is that bed bugs don’t just come out at night. While they prefer dimmer lighting, they will bite anytime if you are around and they are hungry.

Bed Bugs Can be Self-Treated

When you have bed bugs, your first inclination is that you can take care of it yourself with some hardware store poison. Unfortunately, the issue with this is it requires homeowners to be very, very thorough. If you miss one spot, the bed bugs will flock there and look for other safe areas, moving them around your home. When you have bed bugs, because they are so difficult to treat, your first call should be to a pest control company. This, in the end, saves you time, money, and exposure of those little pests. Bed bugs also adjust to products and that is why professionals in the industry know the latest and best techniques to get rid of the infestation.

Do You Have Bed Bugs in Des Moines?

Have you woken up with itchy red bites and began to see little crawly critters around your bed or other furniture in Des Moines? Unfortunately, you might have a bed bug problem. If you want those bed bugs gone quickly, contact us today. Let Miller Pest & Termite of Des Moines treat your bed bugs quickly and keep them gone with our one-year warranty on bed bug treatments.