Des Moines Pest Control and Your Pets

Pests affect everyone in the family, from the humans that live in your house, all the way down to your pets. However, while your furry friends may sometimes be responsible for bringing pests into your home hidden inside their thick coat of fur, you need to make sure that pests are removed from your home in a way that also keeps the pets that live there safe.

Most pest control companies these days use treatments that are both safe for humans and pets. Only in the most serious cases will they use the less safe treatments. However, even if the treatment is safe, in most cases, there will be precautions that you need to take to keep your pets safe before and after treatments. Your Des Moines pest control professionals will walk you through those steps before they do the treatment as well.

Keeping Pets Safe During Pest Control

When pursuing professional pest control, you should always inform your pest control technician that there are pets in your home and what sort of pets that they are. For pets that are contained, such as reptiles or rodents, they simply may need to be removed from a room for awhile while it is being treated. However, for free-roaming pets like cats and dogs, your pest control technician may have specific instructions for you or may choose to pursue a different, but equally effective method of treatment that is safer for those types of pets.

If you ask your Des Moines pest control technician what you should do with your pets during an extermination process, they will likely give your instructions specific to the treatment they are using. However, in most cases, their advice will be to keep your pet in an area free of treatment. This could be a different room, kept inside for yard treatments, or at another place if the whole home needs to be treated.

The treatment used to remove whatever pest has infested your home may be completely natural, but even then you don’t want your pet to come into contact with it. It is also worth noting that many treatments are completely harmless to pets and people once they have “set.” This means the treatment has dried or become absorbed, making it harmful to pests, but safe for everyone else.

Pets and Allergic Reactions to Pest Control

For some treatments, such as those for bed bugs, the treatment may need to be present in a room for a long period to completely remove the pest. If your pet proves allergic, other pest control options can be pursued to make sure your pets are safe and your pests are gone.

Do You Have a Pest Problem in Des Moines?

Has some sort of creepy-crawly critter made its way into your home? If you are in the Des Moines area and need any sort of pest removed, contact us today. Miller Pest Control Service is not only dedicated to keeping your house pest-free, but we are dedicated into doing it in a way so that your pets can also still safely enjoy your home as well, even if they were the ones who brought the pests in the first place.