Bat Removal Des Moines Iowa

bat removal des moines iowa

Do you suspect bat activities in your home? Of course, you do, and that is why you are here. Bats at times can be really dangerous and can cause you lots of problems, from pooping in everywhere to making weird noises, to flying around at random times, to even becoming the cause of harmful diseases. So, if by any chance you detect bats in your home, know that it is time for bat removal Des Moines Iowa.

Before we move on to a detailed discussion of how to control bats in the home especially in the attic. Let us know a bit more about bats.

Facts To Know About Bats

Bats are mammals who usually habitat in caves, but at times they end up entering a house attic or chimney and start roosting there. If a single bat is found in your house, then it is okay, just chase it away and the problem is solved, but if you find several bats roosting in your home, then it is a big problem.

One should never allow bats to roost in their home, at the same time one shouldn’t also poison them. Since we are already on the topic of poisoning, let me make it clear, bat poisoning is strictly prohibited and is even considered illegal, why so? Well, the reason behind this is, bats have certain ecological functions and they are heavily responsible for controlling the night-flying insects. While few species of bats survive on fruits and nuts, most bats feed on insects and are really known for removing insects from the house.

Bats are nothing like rats or rodents, they are also furry, but at the same time, they are clean. Yes, they like keeping themselves clean it is just that the poop that they do smells a lot, making us think that the bats smell a lot.

Bats are also responsible for certain health factors.

  • Bat poop, as well as bat hair, can prove really harmful to your health. If there is an allergic person living in the house bat hair can affect that person really badly. Also, bat poop leads to the growth of molds that can cause Histoplasmosis, which can affect the lungs. Besides this, accumulation of bat poop leads to the growth of flea and other such pests that can cause more problem.
  • Rabies is another disease that can be caused by bats. Though only 1% of the bats have the chances of causing rabies, you never know what species are roosting in your attic and in which way it can prove harmful to you. A single scratch or a single bite from that 1 % of bats can cause rabies. It is important to stay away from them, and at the same time it is important to deal with them carefully and if possible only by professionals.

So, since you can’t poison the bats, what you need to do is get rid of them as naturally as possible. If the bat count is within 4-5 then you can try doing it yourself. But if the count is more than that, it is always safe to contact a professional service provider.

Removing the Bats

Here are the things you are supposed to do if you plan on getting rid of the bats in your home.

  1. Identifying the problem – First and foremost you need to be sure that what you are dealing with are bats and not simple leakage or damps. So, be on a lookout, keep a watch for the bats, and especially for guano (bat poop). If bats are staying at your place, you will find enough guano to confirm yourself. Guano, usually small dark pellets that radiate a very bad smell. So, if you find guano in your house, be sure that there are bats roosting in your home.

Another way of knowing that bats are roosting in your attic is from the noises they make. Bats are usually active in their nest during the dawn and the dusk, as at night they leave the nest in search of food. So, you can hear the bats only during those two times of the day.

  1. Types of Bats – The next thing to do is to find out what kind of bats you are dealing with. There are over 40 different species of bats present in the United States. And it is important to identify what sort of bats are residing in your home. Among these 40, 2 are especially popular in North America, the Mexican free-tailed bat, and the Virginia big-eared bat. Therefore, if you detect bats in your home, the first and foremost thing to do is, to research about them and find out which species it belongs to. It can be hard understanding the species, and if you feel like you are not able to do the same, you can always contact us, for your bat removal Des Moines Iowa.

Once you have identified the bat, find out more about its maternity season, because trust me you don’t want to drive out the bats when they have just given birth to their offspring. And it is not for the sake of their survival, but for yours because once you have driven the bats away, the baby bats won’t be able to survive of their own, and they will die, making your house filled with the stench.

  1. Finding the entrance for the bats – Bats love dark places, and they love roosting and staying in dark places. So, they always search for such places when they get inside a house. Once you have detected the presence of bats in your home, go to the attic and inspect all the dark places there. If the bats are actually roosting inside your home, you will probably see them hanging from the ceiling. Now, look out for all the probable entrance. Bats need only a gap of 3/8 inches to get into, so small gaps are totally their thing. While you are inspecting, check the roofline properly, because, at times, there are certain gaps left in the roofline that act as the entryway for the bats.

Other than roof gaps, they can also enter through broken window panes, ridge caps, loose vents etc. Once you have found the probable places, to confirm their entry and exit routes, monitor during the night time, and check from where they go in and out. It is important to find their paths because once you have driven these bats away, you need to seal those paths and secure your house from further invasion.

  1. Hiding Places – Besides attic, there are few other places where the bats roost. These include chimney (another favorite place of theirs), basements and sometimes even crawlspaces. So, when you’re searching your attic, do not forget to check these places as well, as you never know where they are residing. If you by chance find the bats roosting inside your chimney, do not even try to light the chimney, because in that case, instead of going out they will enter your house and cause a ruckus.

As mentioned earlier, you need to check about the species of the bats and their mating and maternity season before driving them off. It is usually summer when their maternity period continues, and therefore it is better not to drive away those bats during summer, else it will lead to other problems.

  1. Getting the bats out – Since you have already found their entry and exit way, it is recommended never to seal those ways before driving the bats out. Or, if the entry and exit ways are different, then seal the entryway and just keep the exit way open. Bats prefer quiet, dark places to live, and so the foremost thing to drive them away is to create an absolutely opposite atmosphere for them. So place a good glowing light bulb in the attic and other places they are residing and keep the light on at night. Also, get a white noise machine and turn it on, and let it keep making noise the whole night, so that it scares the bats and forces them to fly out of your attic.

As using harmful methods like poison and sprays are prohibited, you have to go with these simple and patient methods.

If the entry and exit point for the bats are the same, then it is advisable to fix a one-way device at those places, so that once the bat goes out through it, it won’t be able to enter further. Thus, the major things to do for getting rid of them in the first place are

  • To install a high powered light in the dark places.
  • To make constant noise and disturb and scare the bats, till they are forced to fly out.
  • Install trap doors in all those small entry points, so that bats are not able to enter further.
  1. Sealing all the entry holes – After getting rid of the bats, inspect the house and find that there are no more bats left in the house. Once you have finished inspecting and you are 100% sure that there are no bats, start sealing all the entryways. This is another important task, for it is necessary to seal all the small as well as big entryways carefully so that no hole is left and no bats can enter. Find the following things before starting the sealing process
  • Thick gloves
  • Full sleeved shirt
  • Eye Goggles
  • Ladder
  • Wooden boards
  • Tool Kit

It is better to call a professional service or a carpenter for this sealing process, as they are always better in this job, but even if you want to do it personally it is okay. Start with repairing the cracks and the small openings in the roof, then the broken window panes, the vents and all other small gaps that can probably act as an entryway. Also, if there is a chimney, install a one-way trap door at the top, so that only the smoke can leave and the bats can’t enter. It is very important to cover all the places because even if 1 small place is left, the bats can still enter and then find up more.

  1. Cleaning up – Just getting rid of the bats is not enough, you have to do the aftermath cleaning which is a really painful work to do. Before starting the cleaning, be sure to wear gloves and masks, because bat poop can cause certain diseases, and it is always better to be safe than be sorry. After taking the needed protection, use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the all the dried guano, and also if necessary use shovel to scoop the rest and put them into a garbage bag. Seal all the poop, and then scrub the floors well with good cleaning solutions. You need to scrub it well so that all the waste is gone and nothing is left. Also, if possible spray the room with some room freshener so that the smell is totally gone.

If you find it hard to do, you can always contact experts for these, who in exchange for a small amount will help you get peace, and a safe and sound house.

  1. Keep inspecting – Last but not the least, keep checking the probable places. It is important to keep a tab and check the probable places at least once a month, just to make sure that there are no more bat roosting and no more guano present n your house.

To keep the bats away from your house, contact a bat removal Des Moines Iowa and ask them to set up exclusions or bat traps in all the possible entryways. This way, the bats even when they try to enter won’t be able to and you will get a bat free home. It is okay to deal with bats personally and also to get rid of them, but it takes a lot of time, patience and hard work to do so. So, if you don’t want to waste your time and want to get the pleasure of living in a peaceful house, contact us, and we will solve your problem without any fuss.