Spring Plants that Repel Yard Pests in Des Moines, Iowa

Spring Plants That Repel Yard Pests

It is that time again! The spring planting season is upon us. However, any seasoned gardener knows that many additions to a beautiful garden can often bring along pests with it, and once a pest gets into your yard, it runs the risk of invading your home. However, it is the gardener’s job to control these pests in the yard, and if they make it in the home, it is pest control’s job to get them out. However, just like some plants may attract pests, there are also plants that repel them. If you are looking to keep away some common invaders in your yard, but aren’t quite ready to commit to a pest control regimen, consider adding these plants to your spring garden.


Not only can a little basil help elevate your pasta sauce and a variety of other recipes, but insects like mosquitoes and flies highly dislike the smell. However, while you can benefit from a strategic placement around your patio area, basil needs both a lot of sun and a lot of water.


Many people grow small patches of lavender for the scent it adds to their yard alone, but it also has powerful insect repellent properties. That pleasant scent that is said to evoke a certain calming effect on people, can also keep fleas, flies, and mosquitoes at bay. Not only that, but you can actually dry lavender to keep the scent all year-round as well as use it in some recipes. However, lavender needs to grow in a sunny area, but it is hardy enough to endure quite a bit of weather.


You can spot marigolds in many a garden, and while most gardeners use them for pops of color, they have been used for centuries as a natural form of pest control. As marigolds repel mosquitoes and aphids, even if they are not a vegetable, it might be worthwhile to add to a vegetable garden to protect your crop.


Yet another reason you should keep an herb garden is not just because how awesome having fresh herbs around is, but because herbs like rosemary repels mosquitoes and many other plant-harming insects. Rosemary doesn’t have a particularly powerful aroma, but the natural oils it excretes keeps pests at bay.


You really know it is spring when every grocery store with or without a garden department puts their army of petunia plants out front. While petunias are seen by amateurs as pretty and easy to grow, they actually have a long-standing reputation as a great insect repellent. Alongside repelling many common vegetable garden pests, they also keep a number of aphids at bay. More seasoned gardeners know that if they are going to hang a tomato plant, they will want to keep a hanging basket of petunias nearby too.

Best Utilizing These Plants

There are plenty of plants that drive insects away, and it behoves you to take advantage of that. As they say, a pest-free yard gives you a bigger chance of a pest-free home. In most cases it is best to keep your planting away from the home, but that is only for plants that attract insects. For herbs and other plants that keep the insects away, it benefits you to plant around patios and even close to entryways.

Unfortunately, even if you filled your yard with plants that insects don’t like, they will still probably find a way into your house. If you have found that some insects have made it into your home this spring, despite your anti-insect gardening, then let us handle it. For homes in the Des Moines area that need pests kicked out and kept out, contact us today to see what Miller Pest & Termite can do for you!