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vole des moines treatment


Quick Facts


3"-9" long

Preferred Habitat

Voles often occupy grassland with dense moisture. They can be found in your yard because they feed off lush grass under the snow in the wintertime, causing damage to your lawn and plants.

Known Health Issues

Voles are not a significant threat to human safety. However, voles have been implicated in the transmission of infectious diseases including, babesiosis, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Take precaution if handling voles to reduce risk of infectious disease.
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Voles are mouse-like rodents with a stocky build and a short tail. There are several different types of voles, the most common types in Iowa and throughout the Midwest are prairie and meadow voles. Vole damage is occurs during the winter months. They kill many young trees and shrubs, and can dig up seeds in fields searching for food. They can also scar lawns by creating runways and clipping grass very close to the roots.

Voles in urban and backyard areas usually involve small vole populations that be controlled by altering their habitat, fencing, trapping or repellent.