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Asian Beetle

Quick Facts


Bodies can range up to 3/8 in (9 mm) long.

Preferred Habitat

They prefer cool, dark and confined spaces. They are also dormant during the cold months.

Known Health Issues

Their bites can cause irritation and even allergic reactions.
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Referred to in North America as the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle, Asian beetles tend to invade homes in October to prepare for winter conditions. Asian beetles are coccinellid beetles with domed shapes and a smooth transition from head to wing coverings. Usually these pests come in three different color combinations: reddish orange with black spots or black with either four red spots or two red spots. The Asian beetle was originally introduced into North America to control the aphid population and is now concentrated in the Midwest with the high presence of soybean aphids. These pests are considered one of the world’s most invasive insects, moving indoors in large groups during the fall and winter months.

Asian beetles have a signature strong odor and a yellowish bodily fluid that they secrete when scared or squished. The Asian beetle is small, with bodies that range up to 3/8 in (9 mm) in length. They prefer to live in cool, dark and confined spaces and are dormant during cold winter months. During the fall they infest homes and their bites have been known to cause irritation or allergic reactions in humans.

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