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Cat Flea size compared to penny - Flea Removal Services Des Moines

Cat Flea

Quick Facts


Bodies can range up to 1/16 in (2mm) long.

Preferred Habitat

Typically found within the coats of cats and dogs.

Known Health Issues

They are known to transmit parasites and infections to their hosts including humans.
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Cat fleas are tiny, parasitic pests that range in size from 1-2 mm long and are reddish-brown in color. Like other fleas, the cat flea has a flat, compressed body that makes it easy for it to maneuver and hard to find in pet hair. Their primary host is the domestic cat, but cat fleas can also infest dogs, humans and other carnivores.

Cat fleas are known to transmit parasites and infection to their hosts including humans. A few fleas on dogs or cats causes very little harm but with large infestations there is the concern of dehydration and even serious disease transmission. Since most of the flea’s lifecycle is spent off the host animal or human, it is also important to treat the environment where the fleas were found as well as the host animal or human to ensure that all fleas are eradicated. Treatment and removal for cat fleas includes washing all linens in scalding hot water, intense vacuuming and professionally treating the host and the house around it. Take care of cat fleas before they take over your home. Call Miller Pest & Termite for fast pest control services in Des Moines and Central Iowa.