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house centipede des moines

House Centipede

Quick Facts


1-1.5" long

Preferred Habitat

A house centipedes preferred habitat is under ground and underneath or on decomposing wood. In your home they are often found in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Don’t be surprised if you find a house centipede trapped in your kitchen sink or bathtub.

Known Health Issues

House centipedes do carry venom in their bodies, but they rarely bite people or pets. A house centipede’s venom is not as toxic as other centipede species and their bites.
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The house centipede moves very quickly and is grayish and brown in color. They have 15 pairs of legs with the last pair nearly twice the length of their body. They feed on silverfish, cockroaches, spiders and other small insects.

A bite from a house centipede may cause minimal pain. If you experience severe pain, contact a doctor and contact a professional pest exterminator to remove house centipedes from your home.