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House Fly size compared to penny - pest control des moines iowa

House Fly

Quick Facts


Bodies can range up to 1/4 in (6 mm) long.

Preferred Habitat

Moist areas that offer food.

Known Health Issues

They are known to carry many disease-causing germs.
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The most common of all the domestic flies, houseflies are one of the most prominent pests worldwide. House flies can carry serious diseases due to their diaspora and the fact that they feed on humans and animals alike. The preferred habitat of a common house fly is any area with moisture that also offers a food source. House flies can be contained to human dwellings during winter months as it is the only way they survive colder temperatures, but can actually fly for miles beyond where they breed. They are incredibly resilient and can even hibernate through the winters if they have not found a human dwelling to inhabit.

Their ability to breed quickly and their congregating habits make them difficult to dispose of as pests. House flies feed constantly on liquid materials and this causes them to deposit a large amount of feces, which is why they are so efficient at spreading disease-causing bacteria. House flies have bodies that can range up to ΒΌ in (6 mm) in length as adults. Their blackish-brown bodies are recognized across the world. If you have a serious fly infestation, call us today at Miller Pest & Termite for fly control services in your home or business.