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Indian Meal Mouth Size compared to a penny - Bug Removal Des Moines

Indian Meal Moth

Quick Facts


Bodies can range up to 5/8 in (16 mm) long.

Preferred Habitat

They are attracted to light and can be found in and near food sources.

Known Health Issues

They can infest and contaminate food sources.
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This household pest can be found near sources of light as well as infesting a wide range of food sources, including cereal, bread, pasta and flour. These moths are brownish white in color and while they can grow up to 5/8 in (16 mm) long, they can fit into surprisingly small spaces. Not only can they work their bodies through small cracks in food containers, they can also chew through bags or boxes to get to the food, so it is imperative to throw out all food sources that are not tightly sealed.

Due to the fact that Indian meal moths can easily get into a variety of food sources and can carry bacteria from other sources, it is best to quickly and professional eradicate an infestation of Indian meal moths. Miller Pest & Termite can help you get rid of your moth problem quickly.