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millipede ankeny


Quick Facts


1"-2" long

Preferred Habitat

Millipedes are often found under dark and cool places such as stones, flower pots, boards, or similar debris where there is an abundance of moisture. After heavy rains or during cold weather, millipedes may enter into buildings, especially moist basements

Known Health Issues

Millipedes are not a threat to humans, but they when they feel threatened they produce a foul smelling fluid that could cause skin irritation.
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With two pairs of legs on each segment on their body, the millipede is classified as an arthropod. They can have between 80 and 400 legs. Millipedes won’t cause damage to furnitures, homes or food, but they can be quite a nuisance if they enter the home. They are most likely to enter households during extremely wet seasons or extreme drought. They may enter the home through cracks in doorways, windows or through the basement.