Identify Your Pest

mole ankeny


Quick Facts


5.5"-7.5" long

Preferred Habitat

Woodland, grassland and farmland. Moles live in underground tunnels. Molehills will identify the tunnel entrance, and long stretches of raised dirt in your yard will indicate a mole’s tunnel.

Known Health Issues

Moles can be a nuisance, but they are not known to be dangerous to humans or pets. Moles can carry diseases, such as rabies, so if you get bit by a mole you should seek medical attention immediately.
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Moles pose the biggest threat to your yard or garden. They are most active in the summer when they dig through the ground with their long claws, searching for worms, insects, and other garden grub to eat. Once mole hills appear in your yard, be sure to watch out for other animals nesting in the tunnels.