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Pavement Ant size compared to penny - ant removal des moines

Pavement Ant

Quick Facts


Bodies can range up to .16 in (4 mm) long.

Preferred Habitat

Nests are typically found under the cracks of pavement but can also be found near sources of moisture and sweet foods.

Known Health Issues

They do not pose a public health risk, but can contaminate food and should be avoided.
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Like their name suggests, pavement ants make their homes and nests within pavement. Pavement ants can be quite aggressive in nature and will either invade another ant colony to expand their nest or will colonize areas that seem impossible to penetrate. Pavement ants typically nest in sidewalk or street cracks, but have also been found near sources of moisture and sweet foods. These ants are dark brown or black in color and can grow up to .16 in or 4 mm in length.

Pavement ants do not directly pose a public health risk to humans, but they have been known to contaminate food when they invade a home and the human food source so they should be avoided. Pavement ants feed on nearly anything but are especially attracted to sweet foods. Call Miller Pest & Termite of Des Moines for all your ant control and extermination needs.