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Termite Size Compared to a Penny - Termite Treatment


Quick Facts


Bodies can range up to 3/8 in (9 mm) long.

Preferred Habitat

Underground or moist, secluded spaces aboveground near and within wood.

Known Health Issues

They are not a known public health risk, but can severely damage wooden structures.
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While termites in the nature are seen to be of great ecological importance, their wood-eating habits are less than appreciated when they come into your home. Since they remain concealed, oftentimes their presence is unknown until severe damage or disrepair is discovered. Termites live in colonies that can number from several hundred to several million individuals when the colony reaches full maturity. Termites can range in size and grow up to 3/8 in (9 mm) long as adults.

These pests prefer to live underground or in moist secluded spaces aboveground that are anywhere near or within wood. Once they have established a habitat, their eating habits don’t just include wood; termites also can damage paper, fabrics and carpets in your home in addition to the structure itself. Termites are not know to be a public health risk to humans, but the significant damage that a colony can cause is concerning enough that immediate professional treatment is necessary. Don’t let your termite problem get out of hand; contact Miller Pest & Termite today and get termites out of your Des Moines home.