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If you purchase a home in Des Moines, Iowa most likely you will be required to complete a WDI or wood destroying insect report. Usually FHA and VA mortgages , and even home refinances require a termite inspection. The following are things that will be on a Des Moines termite inspection report:

Inspection of Accessible Areas

A Miller Pest inspector will evaluate accessible areas on the property where any wood destroying insects could appear. A inspector will be looking for signs of live insects, dead insects, and signs of a infestation. This could include shelter tubs, exit holes, and staining.

Looking For Evidence Of Prior Treatment

If your Miller Pest professional inspector finds any previous evidence that the home has been treated, they will note that on the inspection report. This could include shelter tubes, exit holes, or previously drilled holes where a treatment would have been conducted.

Recommend Treatment

FHA and VA will require a treatment when active infestation of termites are found. Even if there are signs of termites, but no activity are found in a structure that shows no evidence of having a termite treatment for termites in the past, then a treatment will be recommend. A treatment will also be recommended for a previously treated structure showing evidence of termites even if there is no activity. If there is no paperwork of a treatment by a pest control professional within the past five years unless the structure is presently under warranty with a pest control company.

List Obstructed And Inaccessible Areas

Our inspectors will not inspect areas that are inaccessible or areas that have limited access. The report will list these areas that are not able to be addressed. Many times appliances, wall coverings, clutter, standing water, cabinets, and shelving are some of the conditions that don’t allow us access to inspect every part of your home.