Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control Des Moines, Iowa

Miller Pest Control is a Des Moines, Iowa bed bug company offering a GREEN bed bug treatment with a 1 year warranty that works better than heat. That’s 300 days longer most other bed bug treatment Des Moines companies offer! Our training and treatment thoroughness allow us to stick our neck out and offer these unheard of warranties! Our second biggest advantage is that we offer limited customer prep. We can effectively treat your home without requiring you to spend your entire weekend washing every piece of clothing and flipping your life upside down. We provide bed bug control Des Moines services to commercial, residential, and industrial settings to the Des Moines, Ames, West Des Moines, Ankeny, and Urbandale areas.

We offer a written ONE YEAR WARRANTY on every residential treatment. Our effective treatment will kill bed bugs naturally and provide a full year of protection.  Even with high infestations you will not need to throw away any furnishings. Our bed bug control products are safe for children and pets. We offer “limited prep” service to 90% of our low to medium infested customers. If you spray any type of chemicals in your home for bed bugs, you are automatically considered a high infestation because of the fact bed bugs are now being repelled to many other places which makes it more difficult to treat. Find more details on identifying, detecting and removing bed bugs on our more informative Des Moines Bed Bug website, or contact Miller Pest & Termite to schedule a FREE inspection.

The key points to remember about our Des Moines bed bug treatment service:

  • How many companies would offer a 1 year warranty, if they weren’t extremely effective at combating your bed bug problem quickly?
  • We offer a one year warranty on all bed bug residential services.
  • We only require a limited amount of preparation for our bed bug treatment, saving you hours of time.
  • We offer extended warranties after the first year.
  • Get a great night’s sleep right away!

Problems with Bed Bug Heat Treatment Des Moines

Reports from home owners that used a Des Moines heat treatment include: Insulated windows now have moisture in between glass panes, doors won’t open or close, counters detaching from walls, cracks in the floor and/or are separating. Because bed bug extermination heat treatments are slow to heat the infested area, it can cause bed bugs to leave the open areas and drive them back behind walls, and between the ceiling or floors. Once temperatures are back to normal, the bed bugs can return to feed, and return back to these new hiding spots where it’s more difficult to treat. Because of this, bed bugs can easily travel to adjacent apartments, town houses, and condos. ALL owners should know this information to best set polices for these infested areas. Knowing this in advance can stop other units from becoming victim to these pests. Find more information on bed bug control on our full bed bug treatment Des Moines website.