Spiders In Iowa

Did you know that there are over 40 spiders in Iowa? The most common spiders are black and yellow garden spiders, common house spiders, fisher spiders, grass spiders, and wolf spiders. The most dangerous are the black widow and brown recluse. As you can see, most spiders are harmless in our area besides a few.

Most Common Spiders In Iowa

Black And Yellow Garden Spider

Typically found outside in fields and gardens. The yellow garden spider (argiope aurantia) belongs to the group of spiders known as the orb weavers.  Female spiders will be up to 30mm in length while males will rarely reach 8 mm. The yellow garden spider is covered in silver hair, while the abdomen has black and yellow markings easily identifying it. The yellow garden spider is able to make some very complex webs. The webs will normally be located on twigs, plant stems, branches, and other structures. Their webs are able to be as much as 60 cm in diameter. The spider will stay in the center of the web while it waits for its food to arrive.

Common House Spider

Found inside houses, buildings, and garages. Usually you will find their webs where multiple edges come together.

Fisher Spider

They do not make webs to catch prey because their eyesight is excellent.

Grass Spider

Weave webs in the grass. During the morning is when most people will be able to spot these webs while they are still covered in dew. Grass spider do not grow older than one year old. Agelenopsis species can be identified by their unique webs. Many homeowners notice grass spiders inside their home in the fall when temperatures start to fall. Females are 10 to 20 millimeters and males range from 8 to 18 mm.

Wolf Spider

Found outside in areas where weeds are tall. They choose these areas because there is a large supply of insects to feed on. They do not make webs. Wolf spiders are usually grey, black, or tan with darker markings. Their coloring helps camouflage them effectively so they are able to catch their pray and hide from predators. Wolf spiders are solitary and roam along during the night time. They have also been known to be mistaken for tarantulas. They live on the ground and feed on other spider and insects.

2 Most Dangerous Spiders In Iowa

Black Widow

You will usually find them outdoors in items that have not been used for along time like boots, boxes, or garden items. The black widow spider is the most poisonous spider in Iowa and North America. Only the adult female is able to product poison. The female will have a red hourglass under part of the abdomen. The female has a shiny black body with different red markings on the top. The black widow will grow between 8-10 mm. They will lay up to 400 eggs at a time and will eat each other. The black widow also produces the strongest and thickest silk webs. They are not pretty, but they will be effective at catching moths, spiders, files, beetles, and grasshoppers! A few wasps are able to paralyze the black widow, but it has very few enemies.

Brown Recluse

When located inside, they are found in items left on the floor like towels and clothing. The brown recluse is considered dangerous because its venom is very harmful to people. It won’t attack you, but when you disturb or frighten the spider it will bite.

Other Spiders In Iowa

  • Arrow-Shaped Micrathena Spider
    American House Spider
    Banded Garden Spider
    Bold Jumping Spider
    Comb-Clawed Spider
    Cross Spider
    Ground Spider Labyrinthine Orb Weaver Spider
    Lattice Orbweaver Spider
    Long-Bodied Cellar Spider
    Lang-Jawed Orb Weaver
    Long-Legged Sac Spider
    Marbled Orb Weaver
    Metallic Crab Spider
    North American Jumping Spider
    Nursery Web Spider
    Orb Weaver
    Parson Spider
    Putnam Jumping Spider
    Red Spotted Ant Mimic Spider
    Running Crab Spider
    Running Spider
    Sac Spider
    Shamrock Spider
    Sowbug Killer Spider
    Spined Micrathena Spider
    Spiny Backed Orb Weaver
    Spotted Orb Weaver
    Tan Jumping Spider
    Thin-Legged Wolf Spider
    Trashline Orb Weaver
    Triangulate Cobweb Spider
    Tuft-Legged Orb Weaver
    Venusta Orchard Spider
    Woodland Jumping Spider
    Yellow Sac Spider

Des Moines Spider Treatment

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