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  • Offers all-inclusive pest programs that include pests like yellow jackets, carpenter ants, fleas, mice, rats, and others at no extra cost? This could easily save you HUNDREDS of dollars.
  • Is able to return to your property within 24 to 48 hours if you are having issues, versus making you wait a week?
  • Has a prominent training program held on a minimum of a weekly basis that all employees are required to attend? This allows all of our employees to handle even the most difficult of pest issues.

These Are A Few Of The Reasons That Make Up The Miller Difference. Call Us Today To Schedule Your Free Pest Evaluation!

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Since 2001, Miller the Killer ™, a locally owned and family operated Pest Control Des Moines Company, has been giving clients peace of mind when it comes to their bed bug, termite, and other pest management problems. Since 2001 we have been helping homeowners just like you live pest free lives by offering the most professional and thorough treatments.  Miller Pest & Termite is a full-service pest control Des Moines company offering both residential and commercial services. We service all of Des Moines, Ames, Johnston, Urbandale, Indianola, and most towns within 30 miles of the metro.

Miller Pest and Termite complete services for residential, industrial and commercial pest control, termite control and exterminator services in Ankeny, Ames, Urbandale, Johnston, West Des Moines, Clive, Indianola and other surrounding cities in the Des Moines metro area. We offer pest control services and termite inspections that are tailored to your specific needs.

Miller was awarded Angie’s List super service award, carry an A+ rating with the Iowa Better Business Bureau, QualityPro.  Miller Pest has been awarded the QualityPro certification. This certificate is given out by the National Pest Management Association. Less than 5% of companies have earned this badge. This Miller Pest & Termite is a certified installer of Sentricon ®. Less than 4% of pest companies are authorized to use Sentricon, the only proven termite colony elimination system available today! Sentricon is the only termite solution available that has won the Presidents Green Award! You deserve to have a pest free home at the end of the day. Let us help!


Miller Pest & Termite offers Des Moines commercial pest services for the treatment and removal of rodents, termites, cockroaches and many other pests. Our employees provide professional bug exterminator services to ensure your business is pest free. Free commercial pest inspections are offered to evaluate your current pest problem. We service office buildings, restaurants, industrial buildings, and other commercial businesses. We are concerned about providing low-toxicity pest control services to keep you and your customers safe. When possible, we choose non-chemical methods to solve your pest issues. We use materials with minimal odor and chose products that carry the minimal caution label. This allows you to trust Miller Pest & Termite to treat your business or home the way that they would treat their own.

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Our local pest control experts in Urbandale, Des Moines, and Ames will inspect your home for mice, bed bugs, termites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, spiders, mosquitoes and any other pests you may be concerned about. A custom pest control treatment plan will be put in place to control and remove any pests in your home. At Miller Pest & Termite, we are committed to protecting your loved ones, home, and health from all of the issues that pests can cause. Our pro-active approach will stop pests from becoming an issue in the first place and give you more time to enjoy your environment pest free. When the warm weather arrives, bugs like termites, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, and other pests become a regular issue. Our team completes an extensive ongoing training program to understand and solve each of the pest issues you may encounter.



When it comes to your home, keeping pests and rodents out has a big impact on staying safe and living comfortably in your home. Most pests are a nuisance and some can be dangerous in your home. The sooner the problem is solved, the easier and more effective the solution will be.



With Miller, pets don’t stand a chance. Pests like cockroaches and rodent carry various diseases, so it is important to keep them out of your business. Entry points, water sources, food sources, harborage points, customer areas, and employee areas are the areas pests are most likely to be causing issues. Pests can also eat away at your profits by causing structural damage, negative customer experiences, damage to inventory, transmission of diseases, violation of health regulations, food poisoning, and decreased employee morale. Call our office today for a free business evaluation!



Did you know termites cause over $5 billion in damages each year and homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover termite damage? Inspecting your home regularly or installing a preventative system can save you lots of money and headaches in the long run!



Barrier mosquito treatments work right away and keep working for many weeks! When you get ahold of Miller, a highly trained technician will service your yard and help control mosquitos in your yard for up to a month. They will target foliage where mosquitoes like to hide and breed. It will kill them on contact and leave a residual that will keep on working after we leave. Every month we will return to service your yard so you can enjoy being outside during the warm months. Call us today to set up your free evaluation!



Fleas and ticks can be a headache because of Iowa’s warm and humid summers. Without the help of a trained professional, these pests can establish themselves and take over your home in no time. Fleas are able to thrive in any type of environment. They can spread diseases such as spotted fever and lime disease. Contact us today and we will quickly eliminate the fleas before they get out of hand and become harder to deal with. Before our treatment, you will need to thoroughly vacuum your floors and have your pets treated by a professional.



Mice and rats are unwanted guests when it comes to your home. Our trained and certified technicians have lots of experience being able to come up with solutions and are able to locate entry points and come up with a permanent solution. Call us today and let our experts put your mouse or rat problem to rest!



Bats are generally classified as a pest due to their habits of living in your home. Bats are generally causing issues in your attic, chimney, flying around your house, and stuck in your home. If you are having an issue with bats in your home, a trained technician will do a thorough inspection and come up with a plan to evict these pests for good! Never tray



All Pests +

Miller Pest is the green leader when it comes to Waukee and Des Moines pest control companies! All of Miller Pest & Termite’s work in Des Moines, Ankeny, Indianola, and Ames is covered by warranty and performed by professional bug exterminators who are certified, bonded, insured, and qualified to eradicate pests and termites from your home or business.

Miller Pest & Termite is very conscious about the environment. When it comes to your home and termite control, we provide the best and most effective treatment available today that has little environmental impact. Termidor HE allows us to protect your home up to 15 years with one treatment.

Miller Pest Control is a Des Moines Iowa bed bug company offering a GREEN bed bug treatment with a 1 year warranty that works better than heat. That's 300 days longer most other bed bug treatment Des Moines companies! Our training and treatment thoroughness allow us to stick our neck out and offer these unheard of warranties! Our second biggest advantage is that we offer limited customer prep. We can effectively treat your home without requiring you to spend your entire weekend washing every piece of clothing and flipping your life upside down. We provide bed bug control Des Moines services to commercial, residential, and industrial settings to the Des Moines, Ames, West Des Moines, Ankeny, and Urbandale areas.

Des Moines mosquitoes are not only annoying but they also carry dangerous diseases. Are you tired of not being able to enjoy your yard? Miller Pest offers mosquito control Des Moines and tick control to the central Iowa area. We offer packages to keep these pests out of your yard all summer long. We also do one time treatments for a special outdoor event like a wedding or party. Our mosquito control Des Moines methods will reduce the population of these insects in your yard by 90%. All services are applied by our licensed professionals who are experts on where these pests like to congregate. Protect your family and pets against these pests!

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We were having problems with some earwigs and ants so decided to call Miller. They are so professional and knowledgable and their communication is top notch. Our house was new to us and Miller pointed out there were still terminates in spite of having them treated as part of our closing agreement with another company. They saved us so much headache down the road! Would recommend to anyone in need of pest control.
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Professional and reliable. Always available even on short notice. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
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These guys at Miller are top notch. All of their exterminators are thorough and professional. I have been using their services for quite some time. They are very streamlined, quick and communication is great. I would and will continue to utilize their services. Best pest solution company in the Des Moines Metro!
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Was told there may be a chance that I had termites, at least in my garage, so I had Miller Pest come out. Beau was the technician and was very friendly and extremely thorough in looking at my garage. He determined it was very old termite damage and no treatment was needed but volunteered to check my house since he was there. There was no charge for this so even though Miller did not treat my home/garage, they were very professional, friendly and all at no cost to me. I appreciated their honesty and will use them in the future with any other issues or recommend them to anyone.
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