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Norway Rats

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What do Norway rats look like?

  • Size: 6-8 in. long and weigh approximately 1 lb.
  • Color: Gray to brown 
  • Body Structure: Norway rats have heavy, thick bodies with shaggy hair, small eyes and a blunt nose. Typically, the tail is shorter than the length of the head and body combined.
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Characteristics of Norway rats

Norway rats reach maturity within two months of birth and breed year-round. Females may have as many as seven litters in a single year, with 4-8 offspring per litter.

When are norway rats most active?

Very Active
Not Active

Where do Norway rats nest?

Outdoors, Norway rats often build burrows hidden under grass, wood piles, debris, and concrete slabs. They are social rodents, so if you find one burrow on your property, there’s a good chance there are other burrows nearby.

Indoors, Norway rats establish nests in basements, on ground floors, and although they prefer lower levels, they may occasionally nest in attics and other high points.

What do Norway rats eat?

As is the case with mice, Norway rats will eat just about anything they can find, however, they show a preference for meat, fish, dry dog food, and cereal.

Are Norway rats dangerous?

Norway rats are considered a threat to health and wellbeing because they carry diseases, pathogens, and parasites. These rodents are linked to jaundice, rat-bite fever, salmonella, and other illnesses. They also bring fleas when they infest. 

Norway rats also damage structures and belongings with their propensity to gnaw on anything they can get their constantly growing incisors on. This includes electrical wires, which cause structural fires.

Why do I have a Norway rat infestation?

Norway rats have adapted to living in urban and populated areas, and can often be found nesting inside homes and other structures that provide them access to water and food. A single opening on the exterior of the house could be all it takes for these destructive rodents to move indoors. 

How do I get rid of Norway rats?

For effective rodent control services that get rid of Norway rats and other rodents from your home or business, contact a licensed pest control company. At Miller Pest & Termite, we’ve been eliminating Norway rats, roof rats, and mice for over 20 years. Property owners in the Midwest can rely on our local team to resolve their rodent problems!  

How can I prevent a Norway rat problem?

To prevent a Norway rat infestation, you’ll need to pest-proof (exclude) your structure and your property. We recommend implementing the following rodent prevention tips:

  • Seal any openings larger than ¼ inch
  • Eliminate potential water sources
  • Maintain good housekeeping
  • Store food properly and never leave in original packaging
  • Clean up food and drink spills as soon as they occur
  • Store kitchen trash in a container with a tight-fitting lid
  • Clear away yard debris
  • Cut back tree branches
  • Trim shrubs and bushes
  • Keep tall grass and dense overgrowth trimmed back
  • Stop feeding wildlife (i.e., bird feeders)
  • Harvest vegetable gardens regularly
  • Pick up pet waste
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Miller is contracted to inspect and treat our home and rental properties. All properties are in a rural area. Our insect and rodent issues have been taken care of and managed well! Chandler was our latest technician, he was on time, efficient, respectful, and did a great job!
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