Carpet Beetles + You, How to Control Them in your Des Moines Home

Keep Away The Dreaded Carpet Beetlescarpet beetle des moines

You spend a lot of money on your furniture and clothes. Particularly if you have invested in an antique rug or sofa, you do not want to see it eaten by beetles. Unfortunately, a bug that feasts on fiber, called Carpet Beetles, is an all too common pest in Des Moines, Iowa. This sneaky little creature will eat holes in your nice new rug, leaving nothing but backing.

Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to keep your furniture safe. Follow these tips, and you will be to defend your property.

First: Recognize The Signs

Carpet beetles are visible to the naked eye, though they are only 1 to 4 mm long at their adult length. They come in brown, black and white, yellow and sometimes an orange pattern. They are oval-shaped. When you see them, they will be moving slowly, and, if you touch them, they will curl up.

Their larvae are pretty distinctive: they have bristles or spikes on the back end of them. They are carrot-shaped or oval-shaped and come in brown or brown with cream-coloured stripes.

Even if you don’t see any of these creatures scooting around, you might still be in trouble. Keep an eye out for small fecal matter and empty skins on your furniture. And then there is the damage that the larvae creates- there will be ragged holes in the fibers, where you can see the plastic backing. These will be more likely in hidden corners on the undersides of the rugs and furniture.

Second: Take Preventative Steps

Carpet beetles can fly and tend to hang out in bird nests, so your first step to defending your furniture is to patrol your property for nearby bird’s nest. If you find one hanging out close to your windows, carefully move it. You should also inspect your house for cracks that beetles can crawl through. Seal these up with caulking so they can’t use them for travel.

In the wild, carpet beetles eat nectar and pollen from flowers. This sounds nice for the outdoors, but it means that you should inspect any plants for beetles. If you see any oval brown beetles, ditch the plants or you will have an infestation on your hands.

The next preventative measures are simple hygiene. Carpet Beetle larvae like the back of rugs and sections that don’t get much sunlight. Take all the furniture off your rugs and vacuum both sides of it. Wash all your clothes that you are storing in a dark closet regularly, at least once a week, and be sure to vacuum and flip over couch cushions frequently. With this constant cleaning, carpet beetles won’t be able to establish themselves in your house because you will be washing away the eggs before they hatch.

If you are wondering about mothballs, skip them. They might kill them once your place is infested, but they can ignore the smell easily and aren’t deterred by their presence at all. This applies to cedar blocks, too.

What If You Have An Infestation?

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, you wind up with pests in your house. Pest control experts can help you apply pesticides to get rid of them. Afterwards, you can make doubly sure that the beetles are gone by vacuuming every few days. Unfortunately, you might have to take any rugs that the carpet beetles have eaten to a professional rug repair place or throw it away.

Here in Des Moines, Miller the Killer has your back when it comes to carpet beetle infestations. We have quarterly inspection programs and protocols designed to get rid the most common pests. If you need help protecting your property from pests, contact us.