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Avoid the Bite: Managing Mosquitoes in Des Moines, Ankeny and Ames

As the weather is warming up in the Des Moines metro area, people enjoy spending more and more time outside. Unfortunately, with that warmer, summer weather often comes one of the most annoying pests: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes, or Culicidae, can be found nearly anywhere on earth. In the Des Moines, Altoona, and Ankeny areas, we notice them the most in the hot, summer months because mosquitoes favor warm, moist weather. The heat paired with the rain we experience each summer provides a perfect breeding ground for these pesky bugs. Dangers of Iowa Mosquitoes Though most people get annoyed with the itchy mosquito bites, an allergic reaction to mosquito saliva, the pests have the ability to carry a variety of harmful viruses. Mosquitoes can be hosts for diseases like yellow fever, malaria, and West Nile virus. These diseases are serious and left untreated can be fatal. Protect Your Property from Mosquitoes In general, the best way to protect your property from mosquito infestation is to prevent standing water and eliminate thick brush. By removing containers from your yard that may hold water and properly chlorinating any pools, you can reduce the breeding space that the mosquitoes have. Clearing thick brush can also…
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How to Detect and Remove Bed Bugs From Your Des Moines Home

Many have heard the bedtime saying, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” but past that don’t ever actually think that bedbugs are a real issue! Scientifically dubbed Climex Lectularius, the name ‘bed bug’ is derived from the pest’s favorite dwelling place. Bedbugs like to dwell in warm, dark places where they have easy access to feed off of human blood. Sounds a little creepier than a nursery saying right? You don’t have to fear bed bugs anymore! Miller the Killer provides the best pest control services and knowledge when it comes to bedbug removal for your home. Best of all, they offer a one year warranty on all of their residential bed bug services. Miller the Killer is servicing the West Des Moines area, Urbandale, Clive, Ankeny, Indianola and more! Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites Bedbugs are often very difficult to detect because they are mostly nocturnal and can feed without being noticed. Often, bedbugs can cause skin irritation and rashes for people that are sensitive to them and that is usually how they are detected. If someone is displaying bed bug symptoms, they are diagnosed once the symptoms have been confirmed and bedbugs have been found in…
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Pest Control Solutions You Can Trust

If you’ve ever had to deal with a serious pest control issue in your home, office, or business then you don’t need to be told how stressful it can be. Termites, mice, and other common pests are more than just irritating annoyances. They can badly damage your property, jeopardizing your investments and livelihood. Many pests also cause health issues to boot, so problems with insects or rodents can wind up putting you and your family at risk for a variety of dangerous conditions. The key to avoiding the potential issues with these and other pests is enlisting the aid of the right Iowa pest control solution sooner rather than later. A good exterminator is more than just a solution to your existing pest problem. They’ll also possess the experience, knowledge, dedication, and know-how to prevent your issue from coming back in the future. The Importance of the Right Experience Far too many people looking for Des Moines pest control solutions simply open up their phone book and call the first company they see, assuming that one pest control professional is going to be just as good as any other. Others actually bother to do their homework, but then wind up…
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