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What do grasshoppers look like?

  • Size: 1-7 cm, depending on species
  • Color: Usually green and brown
  • Body Structure: Grasshoppers have narrow, elongated bodies with two pairs of wings, two antennae, and long hind legs.

Characteristics of grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are known for their jumping abilities, but most people aren’t aware they can fly, too! Grasshoppers use their legs to propel them into the air, then use their wings to take flight. Another thing that makes grasshoppers unique is their ears which are located on the underside of their abdomen.

Grasshoppers thrive in warm, dry weather, specifically in the summer. During droughts, grasshopper populations tend to increase. Like humans, they are active during the day and rest during the night.

Additionally, grasshoppers make “music” by stridulating, which is the act of rubbing their hind legs against their forewings.

grasshopper resting on plant

When are grasshoppers commonly active?

  • Summer
  • Fall

What do grasshoppers eat?

Grasshoppers are herbivorous insects, which means they primarily feed on plants, vegetables, and other greenery.

Are grasshoppers dangerous?

Grasshoppers are usually seen as more of an annoyance than a danger, but they actually do pose risks. When they swarm in a large group, they can destroy crops over wide areas which can cause famine or other devastating effects. In the U.S. alone, grasshoppers cause over $1.5 billion dollars worth of damage to crops. This could mean bad news for your garden as well. Since grasshoppers are herbivores, there’s nothing stopping them from snacking on your landscape.

Grasshoppers are also known to “spit” at potential threats as a defense mechanism. This spit is nicknamed ‘tobacco juice’ because it is brown in color. Though the spit is not poisonous, it can certainly startle a predator.

Why do I have grasshoppers in my house?

Generally speaking, grasshoppers are not an indoor pest. If you find them in your home, it's probably because there is a food source. 

How do I get rid of grasshoppers?

If you're having problems with grasshoppers, contact Miller Pest & Termite today to find out how our locally owned and operated pest control company can help you get rid of pests!

How can I prevent a grasshopper problem?

To keep grasshoppers out of your home, you should:

  • Seal all potential entry points on the exterior of your home
  • Install door sweeps
  • Keep doors and windows closed when not in use
  • Make sure your window screens are not ripped or torn


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