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Mosquitoes Will Soon Be a Thing of Your Past

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they also carry dangerous diseases. Are you tired of not being able to enjoy your yard and being stuck inside? Contact us! Miller Pest & Termite offers mosquito control that will wipe away the pest, for good!

Mosquito Control Serving the Des Moines, Kansas City, and Omaha Areas

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There’s no pest quite as pesky as the mosquito. They can ruin fun outdoor events, and leave you wondering why you decided to leave the house at all. Mosquitoes do more than just ruin outdoor barbecues and parties— they’re also a danger to your health! Mosquitoes are known spread diseases like Yellow Fever, Malaria, Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and more. They can even pass along heartworms to your furry friends!  

Here at Miller Pest & Termite, we provide effective mosquito control in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri. We offer various packages to fit any situation and budget, we even do treatments for special events such as an outdoor wedding or party. Once a Miller Pest & Termite technician implements our mosquito control method, the population of these pests in your yard will decrease by 90%!

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Treatments Proven to Be Effective

With our mosquito control we recommend treatment of your property every 3 weeks (May-September) to consistently keep the mosquitoes away. Moreover, we suggest keeping the mosquito population controlled from the start of mosquito season. Our exterminators will find problem areas and target our methods where pest issues are more rampant. Safety is important to us and we strive to effectively protect your family and pets. Here’s what our mosquito control will give you:

  • We will provide a thorough inspection to check spots where water collects.
  • Then, our technicians will treat around the exterior of your home/building.
  • Treatment includes trees, plants, and bushes that are non-flowering.
  • If you are getting treatment for a special event, we will treat 24-48 hours prior to event.
  • Even after rain, your treatment will still be effective.
  • Finally, you’ll get to enjoy your yard without worrying about mosquito bites!

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How to Defend Your Property Against Mosquitoes

You can help prevent dangerous mosquitoes from developing large populations on your property through proper sanitation methods. Once your property has been treated, here are a few ways you can keep the mosquitoes out:

  • Dispose of buckets, plastic containers, cans, or other items that may hold water.
  • Keep grass short.
  • Add holes in the bottom of outdoor recycling containers.
  • Clean gutters regularly.
  • Don’t let water stagnate in birdbaths and keep wheelbarrows turned over.
  • Aerate ornamental pools or stalk with fish.
  • Chlorinate swimming pools, keep them clean, and remove water from pool covers.

Services Provided by the Best

Treatments like ours help stop diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus! Here at Miller Pest & Termite, protection of your loved ones are our top priority. We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our services. If you’re not completely satisfied, our mosquito control exterminators will return to your home to retreat at no additional cost to you! Don’t let the mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun this year, contact our expert technicians for the most effective mosquito control in your area!

Our mosquito control services are offered in numerous locations, some including:

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