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Free Quotes on Our Rodent Removal

Rats, mice, and other rodents cause a large amount of lost food, damages to our businesses and homes, and can spread diseases to your loved ones. Our rodent control program includes baiting, exclusion, repelling, and trapping for the highest rate of success!


Rodent Control Serving the Des Moines, Kansas City, and Omaha Areas

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Rodents might be small but they can cause big problems! Rats and mice can carry more than 35 diseases, including Hantavirus and Leptospirosis, and can cause structural issues to your home. But Miller Pest & Termite can help!

Our expert rodent exterminators offer:

  • Rat control.

  • Mice control.

  • Solutions for chronic rodent issues.

  • Maximum protection from rodents.

  • And more!


A Process Perfected Since 2001

Miller Pest & Termite has been taking care of families like yours since 2001 and our rodent control process has been perfected over time. Our local rat and mouse exterminators have the knowledge and training to get rid of all your rodent problems for good! 

When you team up with our exterminators, you will receive:

  • An in-depth inspection of your entire home. We inspect your home for any gaps or openings. Doors, where utility lines enter your home, crawl space gaps, roof entrances, and more will be thoroughly inspected. 

  • A walkthrough of the environment around your home. Is your home surrounded by open spaces or in a rural setting? Do your neighbors have a rodent problem? Our rodent exterminators will find everything that’s attracting then to your home to help put a stop to your problem! 

  • A customized strategy designed exclusively for your home. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter treatments here at Miller Pest & Termite. 

  • A rodent-free home— guaranteed! 

For more information on how our mouse and rat removal process works, call our friendly office staff today at 515-518-8864 and we’ll walk you through our process! 


We Can Solve Chronic or One-Time Rodent Problems

Every home has different needs, some only have a one-time rodent issue that can be solved quickly, other’s need a more in-depth solution. We divide rodent issues into two categories: incidental and chronic. Incidental rodent issues are typically a one-time problem. But, chronic rodent control issues can cause long-term problems for you and your family. 

In all cases of heavy rodent infestations, there are typically reasons behind the issue. These reasons can include:

  • Pet food in easily accessible areas.

  • Bird feeders around your home.

  • Doors not properly closing, allowing rats, mice, and other rodents access to your home. 

If you’re deemed to have a chronic issue, our team will create a personalized plan of action for your home! 


Different Solutions Available and Customized Treatments

We know that those dealing with rats, mice, and other rodents want the rodents gone as soon as possible. This means creating a multi-pronged approach for your home. Our plans can include: 

  • Initial trapping- elimination of any current rodents through a trapping plan designed for your home.

  • Rodent exclusion repairs to correct any structural issues allowing rodents to enter your home. 

  • Rodent population management through the use of exterior baiting systems in certain environments. 

  • Excellent guidance to help prevent any future infestations.

Your customized plan of action will be written clearly for you to reference at any time! Give our team a call today at 515-518-8864 to get your customized plan.

Rat Control in the Midwest

Rats are just apart of living in the Midwest, but that doesn’t mean they need to live in your home. The most common rat we encounter in our area is the Norway rat. 

The Norway rat is about seven inches long with a short nose and ears that look too small for its body. These creatures are most active at night, meaning it’s incredibly important to remember to shut your doors as it gets darker. 

Typically, the Norway rat will nest in burrows or any pre-existing holes outdoors but can gain access through quarter-sized holes into your home or beneath exterior doors. 

If your home has Norway rats, you need rat control from Miller Pest & Termite. The combined shedding of hair and dander can cause significant allergies and rat urine is historically responsible for the spread of Leptospirosis


Mouse Control in the Midwest

The common house mouse is typically the mouse problem most homeowners have in the Midwest. Much smaller than the Norway rat, the house mouse measures around three inches an is gray with small, pointed ears. 

They can reproduce very quickly and are also a nocturnal creature. Their small size allows them to nest in a variety of indoor areas that are secluded—especially near heat, moisture, and food sources. 

You may think your home is impenetrable, but a house mouse only needs a hole the size of a dime to gain access. 


Chemical-Free Rodent Control Treatments

Here at Miller Pest & Termite, we want to protect your home and family from pests and harmful, unnecessary chemicals. Because our process has been refined over two decades, we’ve found the best process that doesn’t need any rodenticides!

Quality Service Guaranteed

Miller Pest & Termite’s rodent control services are under warranty and performed by experienced rodent exterminators who are certified, bonded, insured, and qualified to eradicate rats, mice, and other rodents from your home. For more information on our warranty or team, give us a call today at 515-518-8864. We’re so confident in the services our pest control technicians provide that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ever not completely satisfied, let us know. We will happily return to your home within 24-48 hours to retreat any problem areas—at no extra cost

Find Your Service Area in the Midwest 

We service the following areas in the Midwest:





And more! 

Don’t see your city listed? Call us today at 515-518-8864 to see if we can service your home!

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