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Dealing With Ants

When You Need To Call Pest Control

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Ants don’t usually top the lists of pest concerns for most households, mainly because they are smaller, typically less destructive, and do not harbor diseases. That doesn’t mean ants can’t be a real pain for homeowners. An ant infestation can be akin to waging war in your home, so you need a good battle plan, which starts with prevention.

Common Ant Invaders

Yes, ants will be entering your home in search for a food and/or water source, but they don’t all search for the same types. Here are the three major groups that you’ll encounter.


The classic sugar ants are the jet black “friendly” ants that most associate with outdoor picnics or playgrounds. They are small and won’t bite, but they can quickly assemble an army if they find that your sweet tooth is unhinged and unguarded for easy access.


The brown ants that you normally see making dirt mounds outside are more attracted to proteins and greasy foods. These are an absolute nightmare if they end up setting up a nest nearby or in secret. Ant bites are the worst, often more irritating and painful than a mosquito bite, especially for small children.


Carpenter ants are the biggest threat to homeowners, second only to termites in the amount of damage caused to homes according to surveys by businesses who offer pest control in Johnston. These ants will be attracted by protein foods, as well, and will make themselves at home by burrowing through your wood frames, walls, and other vulnerable places that have ideal wood density.

Fighting Back

Rule number one, if you want to prevent ants from finding their way into your house is to keep it as clean as possible and to not allow your trash to sit uncovered overnight. It sounds simple, but this is really all you need to do, you just have to be persistent about it.

When there are ants who have already found their way into your house, you should try to find out what cracks could be allowing them to get through. You can also try to lay boric acid down in places where you can’t quite reach with a caulking gun, its great against all types of insects and it’s non-toxic.

When to call pest control in Johnston Iowa

After trying your own home solutions and keeping the house as clean as possible, if you don’t see a noticeable decline in frequency of spottings in or around your house, you should then start calling around to find a professional who can find the colony and eliminate it.

A pest control company can supply baits or sprays that safely target the ants without hurting your home. If you’re dealing with carpenter ants, you really shouldn’t waste any time trying to eliminate them on your own, they will never leave on their own and they can always come back to the holes that were left undiscovered.

Although a good professional pest control company in Johnston will cost you at least a few hundred dollars to eliminate an ant infestation, you could end up losing a lot more than that from the damage caused by carpenter ants in a short amount of time.



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