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Are There Bed Bugs in Omaha?

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Yes, there are bed bugs in Omaha. Unfortunately, bed bugs are present in all 50 states, including Nebraska. Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are often found in mattresses, headboards, bed frames, and other furniture near sleeping areas. Bed bugs can also be transported into homes on clothing, luggage, or other personal belongings.

How to Identify Bed Bugs in Omaha

Bed bugs are distinct looking bugs. They are small, flat, wingless insects that are brown in color. They range from 1-7 mm in size and can be difficult to see with the naked eye. Bed bugs typically live in cracks and crevices, such as mattress seams or furniture joints. They may also be found in other places where people sleep, such as hotels, shelters, and cruise ships.

When are bed bugs most active in Omaha?

Bed bugs are most active at night, but they can also be active during the day if their food source is available. Bed bugs typically bite people on the face, neck, or arms while they are sleeping. The bites are often painless and may not be noticed until after they have occurred. However, some people may experience itching.  

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bug bites may appear as small, red, raised bumps on the skin. They can occur in a cluster or in a line, and often become itchier and irritated after being scratched. Bed bug bites typically go away on their own within a week or two.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

If you think you may have bed bugs, it is important to look for common signs of these pests.

Signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Small brown stains on your sheets or mattress.
  • Small dark spots on your walls or furniture.
  • Sweet musty smell.

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of once they have infested your home. If you want to eliminate bed bugs, a professional pest control company will be able to use various methods to eliminate them, such as heat treatment, freezing, or chemical pesticides. If you think you may have bed bugs, don’t hesitate to call a professional to perform a bed bug treatment.

Professional Omaha Bed Bug Exterminators

If you think you have a bed bug problem, the best thing to do is contact a professional exterminator. If you’re looking for bed bug treatments in Omaha, look to Miller Termite and Pest to identify the problem and come up with a plan to get rid of the bugs. Don’t try to tackle the problem yourself, as this can often make it worse. Our professionals will also be able to provide you with tips on how to prevent bed bugs in the future.

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