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NPMA Predicts A Slow Start For Ants & Cockroaches This Spring
April 4, 2024

NPMA Predicts A Slow Start For Ants & Cockroaches This Spring

The National Pest Management Association has posted its bi-annual Bug Barometer, and the news is mixed for residents in North Central U.S., including Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. The good news is we may see a slow start for ant and cockroach problems. But we'll likely see an uptick in stinging insect activity and population growth. Let's take a closer look at their predictions and discuss steps you can take to keep pests out of your home this spring.

ants in kitchen sink

How weather patterns impact insects

Dr. Jim Fredericks, Board-Certified Entomologist and senior vice president of public affairs at the NPMA, says, "The U.S. has experienced some wild weather this year. We've seen everything from heavy snowfall to extreme flooding and even unseasonable warmth in some areas." These weather patterns, mixed with forecasts for the coming year, could result in a slower start for some pests and a population boom for others.

As we head into spring in our part of the country, we're expected to experience warm but dry conditions. If so, we will likely see a slow start for ants and cockroaches. That is great news. However, these conditions will drive stinging insect activity, increasing the number of nests and the size of their populations.

What to do about ants and cockroaches

You can take advantage of the slow start and avoid ant and cockroach problems. At some point, they will start applying pressure to your home. Here are some tips to keep them out:

  • Keep kitchen and bathroom sinks clean.
    Wipe up crumbs and spills right away and disinfect counters every day.
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Eliminate water in catch basins of water coolers, refrigerators, planters, and other items around the home.
  • Clean exterior trash receptacles and make sure your lids are closed and secure.
  • Store recycling in sealed containers.
  • Seal potential entry points, including cracks in the foundation and gaps around exterior windows and door frames.
  • Repair leaking faucets and other plumbing issues.
  • Clean the drains.
  • Address moisture problems in the house.
  • Repair or replace damaged screens.
  • Clear away branches, leaf litter, and other yard debris.

When ants and cockroaches find a way in and there’s plenty of food, water, and hiding places, they won’t go away unless they are compelled to do so. Although these tips aren’t foolproof, they will undoubtedly help make your property harder to access and less appealing to pests.

How to reduce stinging insect activity

Not only can wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects take the heat, but they also tend to multiply. That’s right; warmer weather increases population growth among stinging insects, particularly yellow jackets. And let’s not forget about the dry conditions; unlike mosquitoes that require standing water to breed, stinging insects do not. However, a lack of moisture will make these pests more aggressive. To avoid being stung by a wasp or another stinging insect, we recommend the following tips:

  • Keep food covered when eating outside.
  • Clean up crumbs, spills, and trash in outdoor eating areas.
  • Remove old nests.
  • Remove dead branches, logs, stumps, and other wood debris from your yard.
  • Trim shrubs, bushes, and other landscaping.
  • Fill in holes in the ground.
  • Look for and avoid ground nests when mowing your lawn.
  • Keep outdoor trash cans covered.
  • Repair or replace ripped or broken screens.
  • Address clogged gutters.

Simple changes to the environment around your home can deter wasps and hornets. If you’ve discovered an active nest on your property or stinging pests are buzzing about too close to family, contact Miller Pest & Termite for assistance.

How to rid of ants, roaches, wasps & other pests

For relief from pests inside your home or out in the yard, let the professional at Miller Pest & Termite step in. Our locally owned and family-operated pest control company provides effective and affordable pest control services in Omaha, Kansas City, and Des Moines, as well as throughout our multi-state service area. We have the solution whether you’re looking for wasp control, ant control, or ongoing home pest control for all pests. In fact, check out our Miller Guard plan below or give us a call to discuss your pest problem!

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  • interior pest treatment in the basement
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Ongoing Home Pest Control Recommendation

Miller Guard

Our signature Miller Guard pest control plan stands out in the industry by giving you Full Pest Coverage and Zero hidden fees. It is designed to eliminate and prevent insect and rodent problems by targeting pest entry and exit points for maximum effectiveness. It includes an initial premium interior application, exterior applications, web removal, and wasp nest removal.

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Additional Miller Guard Details

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Service frequency will vary based on geography. The Miller Guard program does not include the following pests: honey bees, flies, lice, dust mites, mosquitoes, exterior ticks, ornamental/turf pests, slugs, snails, termites, wildlife, birds, and brown recluse spiders. 

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