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Why Are There So Many Spiders This Summer?
July 5, 2024

Why Are There So Many Spiders This Summer?

As the summer heat intensifies, homeowners across the Midwest have noticed increased spider activity in and around their homes. In fact, we have been receiving requests for help in getting rid of spiders in Kansas, Missouri, and across our Midwest service area. It's no wonder – July, with its warm temperatures and increased humidity, creates an ideal environment for these arachnids to thrive. In this blog post, we'll identify what attracts spiders to homes during this time of year and offer a few spider prevention tips to keep these unwelcome guests at bay.

spider in web outside midwest home

What attracts spiders to homes in July?

There are insects to eat
Spiders are natural predators that feed primarily on insects. The summer brings a surge in ants, flies, and other insect populations, providing ample food for spiders. Homes with abundant insect activity are particularly attractive to these predators.

There’s plenty of places to hide
Spiders seek out cool, dark places to shelter and breed. Basements, attics, and undisturbed corners of homes offer ideal habitats. Cluttered areas and stacked firewood or debris near the house can also be perfect hiding spots.

There’s moisture present
Spiders are drawn to moisture, which is more prevalent during the humid summer months. Leaky pipes, damp basements, and areas with poor ventilation can attract spiders looking for a reliable water source.

There’s easy access in
Unlike in the winter months when we keep our homes buttoned up tight to prevent the cold from coming in, we relax a bit in the summer.  Open doors and windows provide easy entry points for spiders. Additionally, torn window and door screens as well as gaps under garage doors can also provide easy access to spiders looking for the next place to build a web.

Try these spider prevention tips

Seal entry points
Repair any gaps or cracks around doors, windows, and the foundation of your home. Fix holes in the siding or along the roof line as well. Ensure that screens are intact and fit snugly to prevent spiders from sneaking in.

Reduce clutter
Keep your home tidy and clutter-free, particularly in storage areas like basements, attics, and garages. Regularly clean and organize these spaces to eliminate potential hiding spots.

Eliminate the bugs they eat
Since spiders are attracted to homes with a high insect population, take steps to control insects in and around your home.

Keep your home dry
Fix any leaks and use dehumidifiers in damp areas to reduce moisture levels. Proper ventilation in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements can also help to keep these areas dry.

Maintain you yard
Trim tree branches, shrubs, and other landscaping back to avoid contact with the house. Regularly mow your lawn to eliminate potential hiding spaces and damp areas. Store firewood and other debris away from the house. Keep outdoor lights off or use yellow bug lights to reduce insect attraction.

Contact Miller Pest & Termite at the first sign of a spider problem

If you’ve already discovered spiders or unsightly spider webs in or on your home, contact Miller Pest & Termite today. We offer year-round home pest control services in Kansas City, Des Moines, and Omaha, as well as throughout the Midwest, that eliminate spiders AND the bugs they eat so that homeowners can focus on other household matters.

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  • interior pest treatment in the basement
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Additional Miller Guard Details

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Service frequency will vary based on geography. The Miller Guard program does not include the following pests: honey bees, flies, lice, dust mites, mosquitoes, exterior ticks, ornamental/turf pests, slugs, snails, termites, wildlife, birds, and brown recluse spiders. 

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